Apple's Leopard Launch: Halloween Trick Or Mac-toberfest?

Apple is typically keeping the market guessing on the launch date for its next-generation Mac OS X, code-named "Leopard" -- software that is still being beta tested even though it has now reached the month, October, when executives in Cupertino have said it will go public.

After a delay from the Spring launch that was initially promised by CEO Steve Jobs, the company is holding fast to its policy for not commenting on any aspect of its forthcoming product. But Apple rumor Web sites have begun discussing bugs that still remain in the Leopard OS as the clock counts down to the end of the month. None of the remaining issues are described as showstoppers, but Apple hasn't formally said that the operating system has reached "Gold Master" status -- meaning it would be shipped to ODMs and Apple channel partners in advance of the launch.

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I've got my money on October 26, there's a few reasons that other Apple sites have listed. And I'm pumped!

What "supposed bugs"? The latest seed had only 2 remaining issues. I'm sure anything remaining at release will be miniscule compared to Vista or XP.

Apple has done it like this (no announcement of completion before release) a few times before. It's the case with the new iPods and quite a few other things.


P.S. Please, for those that are going to laugh about the supposed bugs - it isn't confirmed that they aren't fixed, and I'm sure they'd be fixed pretty quickly if Apple actually wants people to buy their OS / computers. I think there's enough hating-on-Apple (and defending Apple) going on at Neowin already.