Apple's upcoming products will "change the narrative", says Barclays

On the face of things, 2013 hasn't been a great year for Apple. Despite posting healthy Q1 earnings and promising to pay back $100 billion to stockholders from its huge cash pile, shares continued to decline, slipping back to under $400 just last month.

According to Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes, however, the company has more than a few tricks up its sleeve to deliver several new, game-changing products this year. Reitzes also praises the company's decision to announce a larger-than-expected buyback, suggesting that the move may have sown the seeds of prosperity for the coming year:

We believe Apple is about to change the narrative and get investors, analysts, customers and the media finally talking about new product again -- starting with a software/services/Mac even on June 10 and a likely iPhone/iPad event in September. Third, upon further reflection -- we didn't fully appreciate at first how much of a relief it was for Apple to unveil a bigger buyback. As a result, the buyback's size may help multiple a little more than we even thought a few weeks ago.

Reitzes has also said in recent months that Apple must "do something" to release itself from the "frozen state" that the company has got itself into. He's also upped his 12-month performance target for Apple from $465 to $525, the first of which he set just three weeks ago before Apple's March quarterly earnings call. Analysts' performance targets denote the share price they believe will be mostly likely at the end of a given period. However, given how often these performance targets are altered, they should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

Source: CNN Fortune via BGRImage via Apple

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Do they ever do anything to change the narrative? So much crap. Change the narrator to Morgan Freeman on your next commercial. Does that count?

As I mentioned in the other thread... if they can aim at the lower end market, they could easily pick up a win for themselves. Rumors have already been flying on a cheaper iPhone and cheaper iPad.

If they put out a more affordable Mac, I can easily see them gaining on the market. Windows 8 may not be all that bad, but public perception has already been established. For Apple, this is a golden opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. They won't have this opportunity again for some years to come, as Microsoft is working to refine Windows 8 and hopefully bring an even more optimal OS that would be Windows 9 in the future.

One can only hope though. I love competition, and wouldn't mind seeing Microsoft being pressed if it means the next version of Windows could be something that would blow us away.

Based on my deep analysis I predict that

- The world will end tomorrow, or on some day in the future.
- In the future cars as we know it won't exist.
- Babies will be born
- People will die
- Taxes
- There will always be politicians

if I happen to be wrong on anything that I said then it is more of a comprehension issue.

Exosphere said,
If you're right with No.1 then everything else you predicted is wrong!

I believe that my last statements gives me enough wiggle room to disagree with you and still collect a salary as a "technical analyst"

Well this is the thing apples ipad and iphone upgrades with each new one are plainly just boring... small spec increase and abolsutley nothing to note except using materials that scratch before it even leaves the box youve got it in. The galaxy s4's phone would have been an equally boring upgrade (especially as octacore only in certain markets) but its got that thing where you can do stuff without touching the screen, just hover over it minority report style. That in itself is something that no other phone has on the market and is enough to give it the wow factor and to create a marketing campaign based on that, and itll sell buy the truck load.

I love windows phone so those comments arent an apple bashing. If apple ditches the skeumorphic design to a design like windows phone, flat icons etc i think itll lose its flashyness and all the magpie ppl that love shiney objects wont be interested in it so theyll move to other phones. Sure its an OS upgrade and not part of the phone but to get new features and speed improvements you need it. analysts going to $525 per share is rubbish cus only way apple can pull something completely new out of its ass in its product line to raise the share price that much is an apple TV but i reckon itll be priced insanely expensive campared to samsungs offerings which are prolly the best on the market at the moe. so who knows

What products they are making? Smartwatch? Waste of time. People have all for the most part, stop wearinn watches. Old people wear them because they are simple enough towork vs a smartphone. But for those of us that have smartphones, what will we do with a "smart" watch? Anything the phone can't do already? Likely not.

iPhone 5S? Seems more of the same. Same size, same features, same style...maybe a bump in speed which is expected, but speed bumps are innovative or inventive. Its natural progression. In fact, what could APple add to an iPhone that we haven't seen already?

Lets go back. The first iPhone didn't do anything we hadn't seen already. They basically replaced the QWERTY with a full screen. This wasn't new, it just wasn't popular. The next 2 iPhones got expected changes like speed bumps. The most radical thing about the iPhone 4 was its design and look. But having stuck with it for what is now going ot be the 4th model, shows Apple can't even innovate it past this. Same goes for iPad which has remained virtually unchanged. iOS has remained virtually unchanged. So what so we ahve to look forward too?

I mean iOS 6 broght features that existed in Android since day one. Applke which had a 2 year headstart, needs something fresh. Right now they are about 3 years behind everyone else and that poor speech they give that we dont need all those bells and whistles to stay relevent isnt going to fly. That once new feature per year just to make the device sen new has been played to much. It will fail this time. Though they will sell a lot of phones, how many of those sales will be to people who have never owned an iPhone. Last years numbers show that nearlky 100M people stopped using feature phones and bought smartphones and that Android got the lions share.

Apple at this point needs more than a game changer.

I think you are too narrowly defining the possible functions of a smart watch. I've already gone over this in detail, but a relatively hands free device that can access information without having to dig out a phone and tap around has a lot of appeal for people. I mean, it could duplicate a smart phone strapped to your wrist, which makes operation a lot easier if you are do anything other than sitting still staring into space.

a game changer?

Technology has become stale with product iterations basically improving on its predecessor with nothing more than a mild performance bump.

I don't think Apples next keynote will be another 'faster, thinner, lighter' event. They have something up their sleeve. They must have.

People are now looking towards motion, voice and wearable technology. If this 'game changer' is to be believed I think it will be one of those. There's been rumours about an Apple Smart TV for years, but won't that basically be a giant iPad?

The products I'm interested in at present....

Google Glass
Microsoft illumiroom
Oculus Rift

Now I personally won't be buying the google glass, but I like where the technology is going

You never know.....

TruckWEB said,
Another analyst, another prediction. Crystal ball anyone?

Yeah, I'm curious to see what (If anything) this becomes...

moloko said,
It wont be wireless charging. That still makes the devices too thick.

well they have enough space if they would simply put in a screen in decent size

-adrian- said,
Never before used wireless charging and paying with NFC maybe .. the game changer!
Hardly a game changer when you basically are last to market with a feature. Apple today is a trend follower and has not been at the forefront of anything for years.

These analysts were all so deep into Apple's shares that they are desperate to say anything positive about there future, even when its completely baseless.

again, that is horrible. I like the screen as it is. fits perfectly in the pocket. If people want bigger screen than can get a Galaxy.