AppStore to offer ready-made ringtones

The AppStore has been missing a few features from their online store for the iPhone, one of those is ready-made custom ringtone versions of songs, used for incoming calls.

Apple will be revealing the ready-made ring tones next week at their press conference, only if they are able to get them ready in time. The custom ringtones have been missing from the iPhone since its debut, limiting consumers to a selection of preloaded ringtones featured on the iPhone. Currently consumers have to edit their own ringtones through third-party software or use iTunes to edit their own music to create ring tones for their device.

Jailbroken iPhones can already download ringtones free of charge directly to their iPhone, without the need of iTunes, using the Cydia application.

Apple will be selling the ringtones in the AppStore but prices have not been revealed as of yet. iTunes currently has one of the largest online digital music collections available to the general public. With this online collection, converting songs to ringtones should be simple for Apple, creating ringtones for nearly every artist available in its library.

Consumers could be paying $0.99 for a thirty seconds clip of their favourite track as a ringtone, but pricing will be announced this coming Wednesday September 9, 2009.

In the mean time if you're looking for a free alternative then sites such as Audiko offer iPhone ready ringtones at no cost.

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Please, with my Android phone I can make ring tones from anything all day long...for free...costing $.99 for a 30 sec ring tone?....please.

It's all about the old school phone ringer on the iPhone anyway. Besides it is pretty easy to create custom ring-tones using iTunes and any DRM free music.

Hmm... I want a "ring" tone, not some song to play so everyone around me knows my music interest. My best ring tone to-date, was on my first cell LG phone. It was a very pleasant sounding ring tone.

I use the "crickets" on my iPhone. I wouldn't mind finding something that is more subtle for when I forget to turn my phone on silent in meetings and such.

Hm... I thought making money on their customers going to the trouble of making ringtones would be enough for Apple... I wonder what they'll charge for them to do it? $ 4.00? LOL

Honestly, I don't know that many people are going to use this? There are a lot of free alternatives...

Edit: By "free" I don't mean illegal. I mean taking a song that you OWN and editing it to be a ringtone... That's what I use for making ringtones for my 3g, works fine and drops the M4R file right into iTunes. All I want now is the ability to change the new mail/appointment sounds. Being in a space with 30 other people with iPhones, you never know whether new mail is yours or anyone elses in the room.

I never realized how many hoops they made iPhone users jump through. On my Pre I just stick an mp3 in the ringtone directory. I still just use ringing sounds but I can change it to whatever I want.

neodorian said,
I never realized how many hoops they made iPhone users jump through. On my Pre I just stick an mp3 in the ringtone directory. I still just use ringing sounds but I can change it to whatever I want.

Wow, you can't do that on the iPhone. That's pathetic and also a blessing from some of the crap you hear. Still what a basic feature to be missing.

There are several workarounds for this without spending a cent, especially if you are on a Mac with Garageband. Although a pre-made option is nice for those with more money than time I suppose, choice is good.

Well just iTunes and the Finder can get you free, custom ringtones :)
And you can still download free ones on the web.

Tom W said,
me too, I wouldn't even dream of paying for a ringtone.

Yeah - you can get the full song for about the same price!