April Fools day cancelled

At Neowin anyway, view the future of Neowin - Today!

No not some corny moonshot announcement that won't actually take place for another 8 years (at least) today we are proud to announce the direct availibility of Neowin v4 Shift.

Shift is our new style, and because its taking so long to complete we decided to release today as a beta so you can track its progress with our 'almost every night build' updates. This is a community theme, the bulk of the work done by a few members that aren't even on staff. Full credits for the complete theme will be made available at a later date.

To view it, please select Neowin v4 Shift from the theme dropdown at the bottom of the page. Due to the way we now load style sheets (css) you may have to close all your browser windows before it loads correctly.

Enjoy, because today there are no April Fools.

Update: Internet Explorer and Safari issue has been resolved. Please try to load the theme again.

Please note, Neowin Shift is BETA!

Feel free to comment on it but remember that the theme is nowhere near finished.

Some notes:

Shift works best in Firefox because thats what we've been using to code this theme.

The main page is locked at 'Category view' the final design will be a main page with news summaries and feeds from all the sections on one page.

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Don't get why its not working in Safari, worked perfectly if not the best in Safari on the beta site.

Guys, just to note, this looks best in Firefox, has less issues because we've been using that to code.

Not supported: IE7, IE6 (has issues) Safari is a little quirky too.

Use Firefox to see how much more complete it is in terms of layout.