April Fools Roundup

If you can't beat them, join them – or in this case, umm, compile a list of URLs?

It's April 1, 2007 and a Sunday at that, meaning the particularly slow news day has turned into a joke news day; we're having a bit of trouble finding any serious news for the front page. We were planning to hit you with our own version of April Fools, but since that didn't work out, here's a collection of what the rest of the techie websites are up to. There's everything from the mildly plausible to the insanely ludicrous, but we're sure you'll find something to give you a laugh. We evidently haven't covered everything, so comment away with what you've found.

View: The Pirate Bay moves servers to North Korea
View: Google TiSP | Gmail Paper
View: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS' Killer Bug
View: Real interview with Fake Steve Jobs
View: WoW Tinfoil Hat | WHoA
View: ThinkGeek - New Geek Toys
View: WinCustomize & deviantART to merge
View: Technology retrieves sounds in the wall
View: Window Transparency Security Advisory
View: Principality of Sealand to Bid for 2016 Olympic Games
View: 404 Error - Firefox and Internet Explorer Switch
View: The Ãœltimate Firefox extension
View: Ballmer joins Linux Foundation board
View: Microsoft Planning Xbox 360 Brute Edition
View: Apple, Google join forces for 'ultimate phone' | Research reveals mislaid microprocessor megahertz | Bloggers mourn bald, rich Fiorina
View: College Humor Domain Expired and Available for Purchase
View: uTorrent Acquired by MPA

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Digital.K said,
Has anyone visited the site bushflash.com? I certainly hope that is a joke. This is what I got pulling up the page:

Yes it's a joke you idiot.

jak0bk said,

Yes it's a joke you idiot.

Clearly from the owner of that page alot of people were as you call idiots. He claims he won't be doing that again.

Aeroxp's is the best. changed the name to AquaXperience, everything is now mac themed, and alot of people are ****ed thinking its real cause of all the stuff they went into. Then theres Wii.tv which has the new Zelda..... SET IN THE FUTURE!

I am really beginning to hate this day as well. It is essentially pointless. The best hoaxes happen when not tied to April 1. Everyone automatically assumes that if it happens today (it must not be real). This is so lame...

Further, as an American our real April fools day has been rescheduled this year from April 15th to April 17th. Enjoy!

There's also the [it's in the news feed] Bracket Buster: Ohio State and Florida mutually agree on a tie and won't play in the championship game.


stifler6478 said,
There's also the [it's in the news feed] Bracket Buster: Ohio State and Florida mutually agree on a tie and won't play in the championship game.


Added that to my screenshot.

I thought it was the 31st today, my clock and phone said that date. Good job no one did anything to me at work today, or I would have been confuzled.

Thank god Neowin did not do it this year. I must be the only person alive who hates this day and can't wait until it finally ends. You can't find any serious news today but those stupid jokes. Don't get me wrong, I like a good prank, but when every page does it and you can't read anything relevant throughout the day it makes you wanna sleep through it.

Thanks for taking a different approach and compiling a list of links instead.

Yes, I don't mind the day and the occasional jokes -- the problem for me starts happening when you're online and browse web sites. Then it just becomes too much.