April Microsoft Updates - Links Galore

If for some reason (no need to say why) you aren't a fan of Windows Update or you are looking for one or many updates in a specific form, Bink has compiled a list of links for April 2007's patch Tuesday. You'll find everything from junk mail filter revisions to Windows (Client & Server) security hotfixes to Office updates. The Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool has also received its usual monthly improvement.

Link: Bink

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How did I know it was patch time? My computer practially stopped as svchost.exe and WU processes sucked 100% CPU for near enough 15 min.

I have the same exact issue on several computers. Are you using "Windows Update" or "Microsoft Update"? I hear M.U. is the culprit.

I only hope they don't start crippling XP's kernel and the rest of the system in the future in order to give Vista artificial advantage in speed and performance. :(

But you say the performance has increased. That is a nice to hear!

There is a new Kernel update 5.1.2600.3093 28 Feb 07 for XP SP2 and a new build number in WinVer.
compiled on 27 Feb. 07