ArchLord Goes Free To Play (With a catch though)

Thanks to Bluesnews for the scoop.

ArchLord, the MMORPG from Codemasters which almost across the board got horrible reviews, will go "Free To Play" starting January 4th, 2007. But there is a catch - you still have to buy the game. Now normally, like in the case of Guild Wars that isn't such a big deal - right? Well in ArchLords case, I think the reviews of the game speak for themselves pretty well. I'm not trying to badmouth the game, in fact I was probably one of the only beta testers who had some fun playing the game. But who am I to argue this, I mean heck it is going to be free to play once you buy the game now, so kudos to Codemasters there I suppose. Here is the Codemasters little press blurb on the move to Free To Play for ArchLord:

Codemasters Online Gaming is pleased to announce that ArchLord will be going Free To Play on January 4 2007.

ArchLord will continue to be fully supported, including the second fantastic update Episode II: Season of Siege. However, players will now be able to access all this great content simply by buying the box; after that it's free!

Over the next few days all those playing ArchLord will be receiving emails updating them of the changes and how they will be affected. Visit the website at to find out more information on how the changes affect you.

If you want to discuss ArchLord going free to play, or anything else to do with ArchLord be sure to visit the forums.

That's right, ArchLord now has no monthly fee. Buy the game and that's it! Get out there and buy a box and be prepared to take part in some mass PvP action.

So there you have it, ArchLord goes free in a short few weeks here, and hopefully they will get some more players now. I always hate to see an MMORPG fail, and ArchLord is no different in that regard. Who knows, maybe some of you will give it a shot!

View: ArchLord Free2Play Information

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Rule for me to try a game :

- There is a free demo !!
- If not, at very least easy access to in-game movies...

ArchLord fails on both...

(you need to register to see movies)

i played it for a while prolly cpl months after release and during beta. Ill prolly reinstall it and have a go but even the server i was on which had hardly any ppl using it had horrible lag at times. The pvp targetting system is shocking as you have to hold ctrl + dbl click, and try doing that with someone moving around and when theres lag. They best of changed that. The only thing that attracted me to the game was the fact you could kill ppl anywhere at anytime (as long as they were over lvl 15 of course)

Some of the spells look pretty nice but to me it seemed a game that they threw together to get money off ppl, but now its free might actually be worth a go as i refuse to pay for it again.

This game was so bad when i tried it out, it made me laugh at times.

But indeed, good job to them at doing something right.

Same here, I considered it basically unplayable. Doing away with the monthly fee may help them a little but they will have to greatly reduce the price of the game to help even more because most people are not going to fork out $50 for a crappy game

Think they'll start incorporating in-game ads and digital "shops" in the future ala Anarchy Online and such to sustain revenue?


The catch is they just want to sell all the CD's that were manufactured, but if they did (fat chance!) how would they then afford to run the servers?