New Macbook Pros in the works?

It appears Mac lovers might be in for a treat in the near future, following some digging by Apple technology site

Having browsed through the configuration files of the latest build of Mac OS X, the most recent operating system out of Cupertino, the site claims to have found references to two new Macbook Pro models.

It is reported that the 10.6.2 update to the operating system (build 10C531) hold the configuration files in which Applesana made the discovery. Within the files references to Macbook Pro 6.1 and Macbook Pro 6.1b are made. The current crops of Macbook Pros are designated numbers from 5.1 through to 5.5.

Although speculative, it is not unfathomable to think Apple will soon update its Macbook Pro line, given that it was not updated during the latest Apple product refresh, which saw iMacs gain the powerful Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.

The Intel Core i7 mobile processor in particular offers greater performance than any of its predecessors. Specifically, the i7 mobile has the technology to increase clock speed by up to 75% to match the workload of the system, and has strong performance with multi-threaded applications.

The last Macbook Pro update took place in June 2009, which featured Intel's Core 2 Duo processors and nVidia GeForce 9400M/9600M GT video cards.

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Fagutish said,
I don't understand the Apple apologists here claiming that the 9600gt is "good enough" Since when did Apple users accept good enough?

Since performance started to come at the cost of noise and power consumption. On a laptop.

Why would a pro user not care for these things? I own a MacBook Pro, and if it had a much more powerful graphics card, I'd sure wish it to keep a 9600M as an option. And I'd never use the hotter and better performing one, despite paying for it. Bad deal if you ask me. Go stationary if you use your computer as part of some CGI work... Since when were laptops meant for processing intensive tasks with limited fan exhausts and power? I doubt people use laptops, EITHER on Win or Mac for 3D modelling on the street with a touchpad or 15" display. *sigh*

As for hardware upgrades on the Macbook line by using smaller transistors for a similar performance at the same power consumption, sure, that'd be nice. Let's wait and see what'll happen next then.

Magallanes said,
but the Apple's roadmap put OpenCL as a priority, hence the lack of a *decent* graphics card is a real contradiction.

In any case, the 9600m gt is just a minor update of the 8600m gt, or you could say, a clearly outdated graphic card.

how can going from 32 to 64 shaders be a minor update?
the minor update would have been from 8600m to 9500m, but this is not the case.

Jazzza said,
RAM is easily upgraded. Flip open bottom latch. Remove cover. Remove inner cover. Remove screws. Insert RAM. Items required: Phillips screwdriver.

So you didn't know about the RAM upgrade. Makes one wonder what else you don't know about when it comes to Macs.

Um What? Why are you talking about the Late 2008 MacBook Pro? The current Mid 2009 refresh no longer has any bottom latch or cover. Its a single bottom panel that requires removal to upgrade ram or harddisk or anything for that matter.

I don't know why I need to justify my experiences or list my purchases to someone as hostile as you.

And Jugulator I agree, some workflows would rather have a more power efficient chip but, the 9600gt is nevertheles an insulting choice as its outdated AND on a old fabrication process (65nm) while ATI and NVIDIA have jumped over to 55 and even 40 for their mobile chips most of which both outperform the 9600gt while maintaining similar if not less power draw.

Vice said,
ATi and NVIDIA sell professional cards (NVIDIA has 95% of the Pro market with its Quadro line) because they have 1.5GB+ Memory configurations. This is not what RAID0 is talking about. He is talking about putting a consumer GTX260M for GAMING (Again not a Quadro). In to a MacBook Pro. This card is totally unnecessary. Also you can get 9600GT Dies in a Quadro version with 1GB+ of Memory. It's the memory that is important here not the GPU. These are very very expensive and are not needed to work effectively in any CGI apps.

The reason they have 8 hour batteries is for when people are on the road. Photographers who want to quickly sample their images. Small-time directors who want to make sure they got the shot they wanted whilst shooting on location. The MacBook Pro's now have SD Card slots included and those were put there for Photographers.

nVidia's CUDA has made it a lot easier to render images and decode/encode video quickly with their video cards. I think if Apple wanted to market their products to people who do these things for a living, they would put in a high-performance video card in their system. The GTX 260's power would be great for these tasks, and would have another 512MB of VRAM to work with. the 9600M is old and not that great. An SD card slot is great but a lot of photographers still use CompactFlash. Other laptops offered by companies such as Asus are able to put in 4GB RAM, a mobile i7 CPU, and a GTX 260M for less than $2000. Sure it might not look as pretty but it would destroy the MacBook Pro in every usable way except for battery life. All new DSLRs have big high-resolution LCDs so you can see what you took as soon as you take it. I see what you're saying, but it's certainly not as expensive to implement as you say. Apple just feels like they can charge whatever they want because people will buy it.

Jazzza said,
And I'm sure HP has some new ones in the works, too. Not sure what your point is, though.

He's making the point that eventual hardware refreshes are hardly news. The same comment I made earlier, which was deleted, fyi.

Mega Goatlord said,
He's making the point that eventual hardware refreshes are hardly news. The same comment I made earlier, which was deleted, fyi.

Unless it's Apple making the hardware refreshes. the Mac's unique position means that it'll naturally make headlines. Any Apple news is big news, anyway. The market at large is interested. The industry is interested. Wall Street is interested. The Mac is differentiated as the only consumer computer where software is tied to the hardware - Apple makes the whole widget. Not HP, not Dell, not Lenovo. Big differentiaton + big mindhsare = headlines.

Mega Goatlord said,
He's making the point that eventual hardware refreshes are hardly news. The same comment I made earlier, which was deleted, fyi.

Microsoft releasing software is hardly news too, should we stop making threads about it?

Actually, Microsoft releasing an entirely new operating system refresh to the 95% of the world IS real hardware/software news.

An Apple CPU refresh is no more newsworthy than Dell or Asus doing the same.

Any idea when this will happen? I just bought a mbp on sale from Fry's this weekend. I am going to be very ****ed if apple has something new within a couple of weeks.

just when I had decided to get a quad-core iMac.... the Apple Rumor Mill starts turning again - haha

it would be nice to see an i7 in the MBP's but I don't think it will happen since it will shoot up the price pretty significantly (unless they just make it an 'upgrade option' in place of standard).
a video card upgrade is much more plausible to me, especially if Apple really is giving OpenCL priority.

Hmm...interesting that they are going to come out with a new models in the Macbook Pro lineup. I thought they were finished updating their computers.

Sounds great! I have been holding off on buying a MBP for the i7 refreshes. Core i7, better graphics card, and cheaper. kthxplz?

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