Are suppliers shipping four inch screens for next iPhone?

If the latest rumor has any legs, the next version of the iPhone could finally get a bigger touch screen. reports via the Japanese web site Macotakara that both Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation have started shipments of four inch touch screens for an unnamed future iOS device.

While the report didn't flat out say that the touch screens would be for a future version of the iPhone, it's not that much of a stretch to make that assumption. If these new screens are indeed for the next iPhone release it would be the first time since the launch of the iPhone that the smartphone would get a bigger screen. So far the iPhone has always used a 3.5 inch touch screen.

We have certainly seen much bigger touch screens for a variety of smartphones since the first iPhone was released back in 2007. Just two examples are the recent launches of the HTC Titan; the Windows Phone-based product has a massive 4.7 inch screen on board, and the Samsung Galaxy Note with a whopping five inch screen.

There are some who believe that the 3.5 inch screen is the best compromise, since the iPhone can be held and operated with just one hand. However, we have seen other smartphones with larger screens sell well and perhaps Apple feels its time to look into adding more space for future generations of the device.

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Too little too late Apple, your competitors have left you in the dust with SAMOLED+ HD displays that are larger than 4". Hell even the Galaxy S1 will still have a better screen than the iphone 5. At the moment the "latest" and "greatest" iphone4s is embarrassing next to the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S2. this the screens the present device should have gotten but didn't? Oh isn't an iPhone 5 per se. But technically since it is the 5th device in the family, this is the spec it should have gotten.

The 4 is mt 1st and last iPhone. I can't stand them now. Nothing has changed since 2007 except plastic turned into glass and an OS that doesn't do anything new.

4" Is definitely my sweet spot. After having the Samsung Galaxy S devices i loved it. There were other things I didn't like about that phone but it's physical size was perfect. I have the SGS2 now and it's a touch bigger at 4.3" so it's workable but I definitely loved 4" screens.

You can actually say that 3.5" screen is one of my main reasons for not getting the iPhone 4/4S. I saw the hardware and design and loved it all but just hated how small the screen was. It felt like some of my older huge phones with these tiny little 2" screens in them. Even the Galaxy Nexus is only 20mm longer than the iPhone 4s design but has a screen about 30% larger as well. The width is only 9mm wider! The iPhone can certainly fit a 4" screen within it's current size.

I don't know... 3.5" seems like the sweet spot. Maybe 3.75" would be a bit better, but 4" is a tad too big for my taste.

All I know about the iPhone 5 is this:

If it's 3.5", that's the perfect size and 4" is too big!
If it's 4", it will be a magical new device.
iPhone 5. With 4" screen. Bigger screen. Sentence fragments.