Ask rolls out search privacy tool

Search engine Ask has launched a feature that it hopes will prove a selling point for consumers concerned about their online privacy.

AskEraser allows users to immediately delete search queries stored on Ask's servers, in contrast to rivals such as Google which stores data for 18 months.

How personal data is used is becoming more of an issue as people live more of their lives via search engines.

Some are concerned about possible deals between search engines and ad firms.

In America consumer advocacy groups have expressed doubts about a proposed merger between Google and ad-serving company DoubleClick, which is currently being reviewed by US regulators.

View: BBC News

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One one will figure it out, and if the statement is found to be false then no-one will ever use it again..

It simply wouldn't be worth it to lie.

When I first read about this the articles seemed to imply clearing your information was going to cost you money, they were going sell the service, "sounds like extortion to me"

Having read about it more though, it's a new feature for all, sounds like a good way to pull people to their site in this day and age.