Ask Tests New Search Interface

Deciding that 5.9% search share isn't enough, InterActiveCorp (owner of has launched a publically available search site with a new three-paned interface. The left pane of the search results provides a control panel that allows changing or modifying the original search query. The middle pane provides the search results while the right pane pulls data from other IAC sites and the Internet. The links in this last pane offer links to events, shopping, videos, blogs, Wikipedia entries, the list goes on. Since many users are too scared to click a link, Ask has decided to offer a thumbnail preview of the search results. As of October, according to comScore Networks, Ask's search share is just over an eighth's of Google's (45.4%).

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News source: BetaNews

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In IE7 and Firefox2 it asked me to change my browser. In IE7 + Maxthon it did not. Thing cant make it's mind up.

Hmm, you sure it was the browser and not your cookie / Javascript settings in some?

It asked me too about Fx 2.0, but once I set NoScript to allow its Javascript and allowed its cookies, everything was fine.

I like the setup. I admit I haven't really tried Windows Live, but I like how this works. Nice to have some images right there and can access the search bar without having to scroll (not that it matters much with it built into my Firefox.

I think they need better search engine accuracy and more search innovations more than a new UI working more like a meta-search engine though. But it's a step up in the UI and accessibility department, I'll give them that. I also have to give them bonus points for featuring some of the Wikipedia articles I started on the front page, like Flagship Studios, etc.

How about bring back the butler? "The butler is unprofessional." take away the icon that identifies your business, and what are you left with? You're left with those dumb commercials that don't make sense.

From a developer's point of view Opera is definitely in the minority. From a developer's point of view the developers of AskX are lazy.