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The former search engine of,, has launched it's newest engine called AskCity. AskCity focuses on a more localized search to try and win some market share from the top engines like Google and Yahoo who lead the pack in quantity (hits) and, to most, quality (relevance of search results). is looking to pick up some of that market share by providing more detailed results and listings around the given location than the typical local search engines.

According to, AskCity will integrate services from established and successful sites such as for business reviews, TicketMaster for event tickets, ReserveAmerica for campground reservations, Fandango for movie ticket purchases and for restaraunt reservations" all owned by InterActiveCorp, as those sites have been perfecting on their algorithms and features for quite some time. is said to integrate search results with feature filled maps as well as ticket booking and reservations for restaurants to add to and improve on's search engine and services offered by other search engines. The new site may not jump ahead of the game but we can't wait to see what will have to offer in terms of features and functionality over the likes of and

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News source: DailyTech

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Is it is not so good compared to, yahoo or goog

Too bad i use . Its a search engine that searches other search engine. Most results are from google but some are from other engines. It has provided better results than google since it searches multiple search engines and then gives you all the links while filtering aout any doubles.

wasn't the best engine back then either.

Google has grown to Microsoft proportions and has become one of those companies that everyone says they hate, will not use half of their "crap", but secretly does anyway. Just like MS

Quote - laraAJ said @ #5.2

I'm openly google

I use Google so much I may loose the ability to spell if they ever shut down.

If you ask me, I have never used ask and if you ask anyone else I don't think they use ask either. So I am asking how many peeps accually use ask?