ASRock P43 and P45 Motherboards Reviewed

This just in from TweakTown:

At the 2008 Computex event, Intel officially took the curtains off its 4 series PCI Express chipset range which is set to replace the original 3 series of chipsets. Intel's 4 series not only brings Crossfire support to the mainstream, thanks to its ability to run two PCI Express x8 slots for GPUs, but it also adds PCI Express 2.0 to all of its 4 series of chipsets. That's right, even the low-end of the 4 series gets a new PCI Express controller hub.

Today we have been sent two of the newest members of the 4 series family from ASRock, and they are loaded with features for the home user along with some nice overclocking for the enthusiast. Today we kTake a look at the ASRock P45R2000-WiFi and the P43R1600Twins-WiFi. How do they stack up?

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I don't get it! Why are all reviewers so heavy on o/c, I made 3 computers with the P43 and they all work great and they are cheaper then anything else in the same category, but by no means lower in performance and futures.

The placement of the power connectors is less fortunate but hey this is what you get when you don't want to pay 200$ for a motherboard but you want all the bells and DDR3 for the future.

The e-sata connector is not even used most of the times... and I wouldn't suggest an additional SATA controller just for that.

So I may say that from the review above the most lacking is the review.

All in all P43 is a great motherboard for me. :)

PS: Being a cheap ****** that want's only pure functionality I went for the boards without the WIFI.