ASRock plays Frankenstein

ASRock's latest AliveDual eSATA2
motherboard combines the M1695 chipset, originally designed by ULi, with Nvidia's nForce 3 250, which launched in 2003, to create a modern mash-up that may sound bizarre, but is also strangely compelling. Thanks to AMD's commitment to backwards compatibility, the AliveDual eSATA2 will still be able to rock quad-core Phenom X4 CPUs, if that is what you want, and ASRock has had the foresight to build in support for up to 8GB DDR2 memory.

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ASRock are cheap. This is why people (And system builders) will probably buy it. Most people dont care what chipset it is. Whether it be Via, Nforce or SiS.

They did a great job with the Core 2 Duo boards with the VIA PT880 (even added a PCI-E 1x connector) which was introduced way back for the P4 w/Hyperthreading...

I didn't know AMD had a commitment to backwards compatibility.

Is this Socket AM2? Socket 939?

It's certainly not Socket 754.

Who would buy a new motherboard with a 4 year old chipset? Seems rather stupid unless they didn't know what they were doing.