Asus debuts netbook with Windows 7 and 512GB SSD

Asus has debuted an ultra thin netbook S121 running Windows 7 and the worlds largest 512GB solid state drive(SSD). The S121 netbook is equipped with a 1.33GHz Intel Atom microprocessor and uses their touch mode software on Windows 7.

This is a huge step for Windows 7 considering that Windows Vista is not a good option for netbooks. The netbook is expected to be available in a month, but without Windows 7. Windows 7 will be available once it hits the market later this year.

A few weeks back Neowin discussed whether Windows 7 is the Linux-netbook killer and we got great response from our users. It wouldn't be big surprise if we see more netbook vendors release their product powered by Windows 7 as it nears RTM.

Image Courtesy: Engadget

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"The worlds largest 512GB solid state drive"
Is that a good thing? How about a normal sized 512GB solid state drive, at least.

Its good until you read about the 512GB SSD. Thats going to be what costs the most, and no idea why you would need so much storage on such a device. Swap it out for a 32GB SSD or even a 1.8" HD and the device would be a fraction of the price.

This is really like a crappy ultraportable with a crappy battery, with a very expensive SSD shoved in it. What exactly are they trying to do here?

Beastage said,
Obviously it is a show product, to demonstrate win7 on net books.

They don't need a $1600 netbook for that. I paid $299 (Canadian) for my Acer One, and Win7 (7000) works just fine on it (including Aero)

The real news behind the release of this product is that it was by Mr. Shih head of Asus that it would be released in 3 to 5 months.
That by itself isn't spectacular but what is, is that Asus has said that the OS will be Windows 7, in 3 to 5 months. It is that close to RTM and they haven't even released the Beta of it yet !