ASUS might undercut the competition with low-priced Android Wear smartwatch

LG G Watch

With Samsung, LG, and Motorola entering the wearables category with Android Wear, it was no surprise that ASUS would try to add itself to the mix by introducing a smartwatch of its own. Although the former three devices have been unveiled at this weeks Google I/O, the ASUS smartwatch is still a complete mystery. While there isn't any hard evidence, a source is stating that ASUS will release a Android Wear device by the end of the year.

According to TechCrunch, ASUS will be aiming to release their Android Wear smart watch in September. Although there weren't many details, the source claims that ASUS is intending to undercut its competitors by a large sum. ASUS could unveil its smart watch somewhere in the neighborhood of $99 to $150 USD. This would be a significant difference, considering that the Samsung Gear Live will sell for $199.99 and the LG G Watch for $229.99. 

While LG and Samsung might have the jump on the competition for now, Motorola, ASUS and others could potentially be rewarded for their delayed releases later this year. Although it's unclear what type of device ASUS will unveil, Motorola has a fairly unique Android Wear device that features a round display with rumored wireless charging.

The ASUS smart watch is expected to release in the later part of the year with a rumored price point of $99 to $150 USD.

Source: TechCrunchImage via LG / Google

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I can see one use for these. When i'm mowing my lawn, the phone is in my pocket and I have to stop and dig it out of my pocket to see if anyone called. If I Could just look at my wrist that would be sweet.

Who wants smart watches? I think first they'll have to make watches fashionable, I don't even know anyone under 50 who still wears one... Convincing people they need something annoying on their wrist that catches on everything, makes your wrist sweat, and rips out armhair, is going to be difficult.

I'd like one for biking. It'll monitor my heart rate (I love random stats), show the time and music and maybe even a little map. I probably wouldn't pay over $100 for one though.

Wow! Looks great. Then again Android is well known for being sloooooooooow and Asus are famous for not making the fastest products on the planet. I'm concerned that if I wear one of these maybe I'll go back in time?

Android hasn't been slow in a really long time. Well unless you're buying the cheap garbage hardware, but then what do you expect? It's cheap garbage hardware.

HawkMan said,
Meanwhile others can make an OS run not just fine, but great on the same garbage hardware or worse....

True WP can run pretty well on pretty poor hardware but that doesn't mean all Android's are slow. Heck the cheap CPUs have gotten fast enough that even the cheap ones like the Moto E are fast.

Why do they have to look so plebian? As much as they cost, they surely look only that much better than the ones that sometimes could be found in cereal boxes. A proper timepiece has long been a sign of class - not many things show that better than that shiny stainless steel Swiss chronograph slighty over your sleeve so you (and everyone else in the room) can see it all the time.

Back in the 80s, I dream of having such watch like these... closest kind I got was the Pac-Man wearable watch and a radio reciever watch.. which at the time was so high tech...

I wonder if these smart watches has Bluetooth for the cordless headphones... Can't find spec... Neowin writer, please leave some spec if you gonna write a review on it... :) It is greatly appreciated...

Edited by Krome, Jun 27 2014, 7:34pm :

My guess is that these watches are just visual extensions to the phone's own wear. Like a TV where the phone is the cable box. Is this for all Android Wear's though?