ASUS Transfomer Book V: a Windows + Android laptop, tablet, smartphone hybrid

ASUS has unveiled what could be the world’s first Windows and Android laptop that can become a tablet and also a smartphone. The Transformer Book V is one of the most versatile products from any manufacturer to date; it is a culmination of ASUS’s most successful products rolled into one. The Transformer Book V (five) has five modes of use including: Windows laptop, Windows tablet, Android phone, Android tablet, and Android laptop. 

The Transformer Book V is a 12.5” device that includes a full keyboard and touchpad that can run both Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4. There is a dedicated hardware button on the device that will allow users to switch between the two operating systems. The laptop portion of the device is powered by an Intel processor, 4GB’s of RAM, and has a 1TB of storage space.

When undocked and used as a tablet, the Transformer Book V will utilize the same processor and ram, but will have a reduced storage capacity of 128GB. Lastly, users will be able to undock an Android smartphone from the tablet, similar to the Padfone X. The smartphone will have a five-inch display, Intel Atom quad-core processor, 2GB’s of memory, and up to 64GB’s of storage. The phone will also support LTE.

Pricing and availability for the Transformer Book V have not been announced. 

Source: Engadget via ASUS | Image via ASUS

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I can sort of see the point if it had been either just Windows or else just Android or maybe Android+ChromeOS. (or indeed something like Ubuntu Touch)

But the two incompatible platforms seems a ludicrous arrangement.

Maybe it's for when you really only want to watch youtube!

I imagine with the battery in the laptop powering a smartphone chip, the battery will last quite a bit longer?

holy crap that's awesome

someone please tell me this will be available in the US

kind of a shame it can't do windows phone though

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