ASUS unveils external graphics card

ASUS has introduced the XG Station: a dedicated external graphics card. Laptop users rejoice; high end graphics performance is available, without losing the portability of a laptop. The XG Station is powered by a power brick that plugs directly into the adapter. An integrated LCD screen can display information such as frame rate, fan speed, GPU temperature and more while the included control knob can change various settings of the XG Station such as the core and memory clocks.

Currently, the XG Station only connects to any notebook's ExpressCard slot but will eventually work with PCIe ExpressCard interfaces installed in a desktop PC. The station can be equipped with any PCI Express x16 based graphics card: AMD, NVIDIA or even Matrox. ASUS chose the first XG Station to contain an NVIDIA 7900GS powered graphics card. Pricing is presently unknown but expect ASUS to release the XG Station in Q2 2007.

View: XG Station
News source: DailyTech

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As i said in the forum, the ExpressCard slot is only a 1x PCIe slot, it's slower than AGP 2x so it's just a complete waste of money.

thisis awesome, now they just need to have a fast drive like a raptor, with the flash memory, so a laptop can be a nice portable fast gaming machine

That would be kind of neat. I'd finally have a use for my express card slot. Laptops these days can be
configured with pretty much every option. I've never found anything I would need the express card
slot for.....til now. LOL

Well if you have to use an external monitor then the portability is just lost. It would be nice if they can somehow over ride the inbuilt video at the time of booting to use the laptop monitor.

i would assume it would have to be hooked up to an external LCD screen. There really isn't a good way to force the video card back onto the notebooks screen. So, better graphics, at a price.

-Luke Angel

I could see them implementing something that would have it send back the signal via USB or something and then just run it fullscreen.

This is awesome! Now we can have high end gaming laptops at a lower price.
I read there in DailyTech that they were discussing about been required an external LCD. Can anyone confirm this?

According to, the last line says:

The XG Station also has a dedicated control panel to let users control the settings through the GUI based interface and easily switch modes between the notebook screen and the external LCD monitor.

By that wording, I assume it also allows output to the notebook's LCD. But chances are people that take advantage of this device use it at home, thus relying on their own monitors. The one exception is most likely at LAN parties, where lugging one less piece of hardware is a plus.