Asus will make smaller Windows 8 tablets; prices could go below $300

The VivoTab Smart is the most recent 10.1 Windows 8 tablet from Asus

Asus will be joining the list of PC OEMs that will be making smaller Windows 8 tablets. The hardware company confirmed their intentions in their quarterly financial statements and added that the prices of these tablets could go below $300.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Asus CEO Jerry Shen was bullish on these plans, saying, "We're very optimistic about sales for Windows 8 tablets this year, due to Microsoft's smaller form-factor program." The news came as Asus reported net profits of 6.05 billion New Taiwan dollars ($202.4 million) for the first quarter of 2013, up from $5.01 billion New Taiwan dollars a year earlier.

Specifics about Asus's smaller tablets have yet to be revealed. A few weeks ago, Microsoft confirmed it was working with PC OEMs to create smaller Windows 8 touchscreen devices that would be released in the months ahead.

Shen's comment that Windows 8 tablets could be priced below $300 could be good news for Microsoft as it tries to get a bigger foothold on the tablet market. While the product has yet to be officially confirmed, information has already leaked about an eight inch Acer Windows 8 tablet that was priced by for $379.99

Source: Wall Street Journal | Image via Asus

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All these guys have to get these at $200. Windows is competing for market share. Android and iOS already have it. I would buy one in a second for $200 regardless of spec for the most part but you can't compete at the same price level as the other guys because you aren't there yet. I wish they would understand this. You need to give customers a compelling reason to switch or even try a new device like this. Usually it's the price.

You are right when talking about RT with these price points.

If I could buy a Windows x86 tablet for $300-350 that's got decent specs, and not built totally crappy, I think people would jump at that instantly.

Hrmm on the one hand they did well with the MC400/Asus smart tab, but they completely Fubar'd the Asus 810's launch and support. I would be hesitant to jump straight on board but I hope they learnt their lessons and these smaller products are good and backed up with better support.

I disagree that it is broken. It's just that the Music app is almost totally oriented around Microsoft's Xbox Music Pass and streaming service. If you use that stuff, it works well enough.

I think the issues people are having is that Music is not really focused on managing a personal music collection on your PC or home server. (To be fair, you can turn off Cloud sync so that it only sees your local files.) But I think Microsoft feels that those tasks can still be handled best by desktop software.

I do hope they make further improvements to the interface, because the synchronized cloud collection is actually a good idea if implemented well.

bguy_1986 said,
Xbox music has got to get fixed before I even think about purchasing anything Windows 8...

An app, that you can choose to use, and in fact uninstall, is the difference maker in purchasing an operating system?