Asustek announces Eee family product lines

With Eee PC becoming a focus of the PC market, Asustek Computer has announced it is planning to launch a family of Eee products including: E-DT (desktop PC), E-TV and E-Monitor. All the products while have low-cost as their major selling point, according to Jerry Shen, president of Asustek.

The E-DT, a desktop PC which will not be sold with a monitor, is scheduled to launch in April or May this year and will be showcased at CeBIT 2008. The first E-DT will adopt an Intel Celeron processor, while later generations will adopt Intel's Shelton'08 platform with Diamondville processors and the 945GC chipset.

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If the ASUS marketeers had any sense, they would associate their Eee line with low price, quality gadgets that are useful day to day, which pretty much excludes anything associated with the word 'Celeron'.

I feel sort of dirty for even mentioning the name of the chip I referred to above.