Asustek: Eee PC price no lower than US$200

Jonathan Tsang, president for sales and marketing at Asustek Computer, has revealed that the company will announce the price tag for its Eee PC on October 16. He also noted that prices for the product in the retail market will not be lower than US$200 with the price tag of US$199 only available for contract purchases. Asustek, on June 5, unveiled its ultra low-cost notebook, the Eee PC, at Computex Taipei 2007. The company highlighted that the Eee PC will carry a suggested retail price of US$199 at that time.

Eee PC will officially hit the Taiwan market on October 16 with the initial batch of shipments no larger than 10,000 units, said Asustek. The company will begin offering the product through Best Buy and Newegg in the US by the end of this month, while availability in the China market may arrive by the end of the year, the company added.

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I'd like a slightly larger screen, 9" in the future? Rest of the specs look pretty decent, maybe a micro-hdd instead of the 4GB ssd.

I would love to have one with a mobile datacard in it, and perhaps a propriatery app so I can use it as a speakerphone in a pinch-- good for mobile work.

Is this designed to compete with the OLPC and the Classmate PC?

Doesn't anyone else see it as wrong how these big companies are trying to compete with an open-source project that's not interested in corporate greed? Why don't these guys just try and contribute to the already-existing project?

No, no. If you're reading what I wrote above as an OLPC "competitor" this system <b>is not</b>. Sorry!

I think it makes a nice alternative for the 'Western' & SE Asian market. This thing has a bit more juice and features in it and it ain't neon green with a wind up cord on it. I'm not dissing the OLPC - its a fantastic idea - but I think underpowered for what I need (and probably 'Western' markets too).

Ultra portable (2 lb), Solid State HDD, priced at $199, and Specs good enough to run WinXP ... wow ... if delivered as promised by Asus, this could be the "Walkman" of the future.


jmmycrackcorn said,
Where are you pulling these specs from?


Model Eee PC 701
Display 7"
CPU & Chipset Intel Mobile CPU & chipset
Operating System Linux System/ Hardware Compatible with Windows XP
Communication 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
WLAN WiFi 802.11b/g
Memory 512MB, DDR2
Storage 4GB S.S.D. (Solid-State Disk)
Web-Cam 0.3 Mega Pixel Video camera
Audio Hi-Definition audio CODEC, Built-in stereo speaker, Built-in microphone
Battery Life 3 hrs (4 cells)
Dimension & Weight 22.5 x 16.4 x 2.15~3.5 cm, <1 kg

Interesting product. It might sell really well.

I think this is good that its launching about the same time as the OLPC. I've been looking for a nice, cheap laptop that I can just write documents on and code websites. I hate sitting at my desk to do a lot of writing and don't want to invest - or have the money - to invest in a laptop. I'd also like to use as an e-book reader.

These systems are great for this purpose. You have to admit, coding websites and reading PDFs does not even require a Sempron or Celeron chip and 2 GB of mem as is the min requirement for most OSes. I'm paying for way more than I need. And with the smaller manufacturing processes now, these systems are much smaller and same price as a refurb laptop from a few years ago.

Maybe not much of a demand. But I'm buying it.

Edit: BTW - is carrying it in the Canada. Since the Admin forgot about us ... its okay

There's this new archetype of PC going around, largely for populations where normal computing systems would be impossible to afford and most companies could practically give these away. I think the original goal was to get something to poorer nations' students so they have connectivity to the world and the like.

At the same time, they're functioning systems, but yea, as you put, very cheap. ^_^