Asustek planing touch panel Eee PCs

Asustek Computer is planning to launch touch panel Eee PCs in the first quarter of 2009, which the company expects will help drive sales further, according to Samson Hu, general manager of Eee PC business at Asustek. The company has not yet decided details of the models which will be updated but will reach a decision based on market demand. The company expects to showcase the products during CES 2009, Hu noted.

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Eee's hit it big because they're CHEAP, not because they have cool features. As soon as you tack a couple hundred quid over the initial selling price of the Eee, you're into fully fledged laptop ground, where it gets caned for everything except weight.

I'm watching their products with interest, and I think they're doing some good stuff, but the price just keeps going up and up