Asustek plans to make Eee an independent brand

Asustek Computer is considering making Eee an independent brand with a lineup products including the original Eee PC notebook, as well as the previously reported upon Eee TV (E-TV), Eee desktop (E-DT), and Eee monitor which are all expected to be introduced by the end of the third quarter this year, according to industry sources.

Through separating Eee as a sub-brand, Asustek believes the product family will be able to jump out of the low-cost market bracket.

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Asustek are letting their ego run away with them. The reason why they are getting a good press, is primarily due to the price (and size). I bought a similar sized JVC MP-XP7210 7 years ago for $2400, which has a lovely titanium case and strong hinges. It is still in regular use today, having travelled many thousands of miles, bounced around in a motorcycle saddlebag.

There is a market for a small cheap (almost disposable) PC, but the price must make them well below entry level laptop money. Asustek are kidding themselves if they think they can somehow boost this idea to a premium brand. Other manufacturers will just blow them out of the water, or people will buy a cheap smaller laptop (as I did this time around). This sized PC only has limited uses (having used one for 6 years!). They need to become easily, cheaply and universally dockable.

Why re-brand them? ASUS has a very strong name, at least amongst the more geeky. My friend was looking at buying a Sony laptop, and I convinced him to get a more powerful (and cheaper) ASUS laptop and he has thanked me at least once a week for the recommendation.

As for the Eee, I would love to have one for just a week to see if I'd even use it. The ultra-portability seems useful to me, although I wish the actual screen was larger. I think the fact that the screen is padded so much makes it look like a cheep device. The screen needs to extend all the way to the edge of the device with little to no padding. I'm keeping my eye out on eBay for a cheep used one.

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