At Least 220,000 PS3's for UK Launch

The UK is undoubtedly the biggest market inside the PAL terrotories so there has been a lot of speculation about what share of the 1 million consoles the UK will get. Ray Maguire, SCE's MG has said "[The UK] constitutes just over 22 per cent of the market in PAL – I say PAL rather than Europe, because PAL now extends out to over 100 territories, and some of those territories are quite strong. For instance, we have some of the strongest Middle Eastern and Russian sales forces compared to competing products."

"That means my overall number is a bit lower than it would be if I had a less well-established product. So we're round about the 22 per cent mark which, if you divided that into the million would give you 220,000 units," he continued. "I think if I go down on bended knee, I might get a little bit more".

So, 220,000 units or more. I guess the question now is, will that be enough?

View: Ray Maguire Interview

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My console priority as it stands:
Wii > 360 > PS3

Although I do want a 360 due to it's library, I don't have as much time for games these days, and I want a Wii.

I just cancelled my pre-order with for one, basically due to most of the launch titles are ones I already own on x360 and the ps3 exclusive titles just don't float my boat :(

As medafor mentioned, I may as well wait until Metal Gear etc comes out.

at this point all my friends have bought a wii or xbox 360. the PS3 ist too pricey right now for not having many games to choose from. I think everyone will pickup a Ps3 once Final Fantasy and Metal Gear come out (i know i will be saving up)

Agreed, in UK at the moment people a bit more strapped for cash at the moment, after Christmas and the interest rate increases plus it appears many have maxxed their credit card, I can hardly see the PS3 as a priority at over 400 pounds.
The PS2 is 'very' popular over here though but I still can't find a Wii for sale or even on display :P

That'll be enough, nobody is going to buy them unless they have the money, and not many people who play games do.