AT&T reluctantly adopts net neutrality

The US's largest internet provider has enshrined the principle of internet neutrality in an agreement to treat all web traffic equally. The move has reignited the debate about net neutrality. AT&T's agreement comes as part of a merger deal with Bell South Communications (SBC). The agreement was a condition of the Federal Communications Commission's approval of the $86bn deal and reverses the position of the telco.

SBC chief executive Ed Whiteacre effectively began the net neutrality controversy just over a year ago when he said that major internet companies were 'nuts' if they thought he would continue to carry their traffic for free to consumers' homes.

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ThaCrip said,
i have att internet 14.95 per month for 384k (40KB/s) speeds... im getting alot for my money so im happy ;)

i have 15 Mbps for 30 euro a month, 384k looks painfully slow to me

XerXis said,

i have 15 Mbps for 30 euro a month, 384k looks painfully slow to me

When it comes to bandwith the US sucks. I have Comcast 8 mb it runs at 12 or 13 mb all the time and has 876 kbps upload. It's $60.00.

Not sure what crappy deal ThaCrip got from AT&T because I got a 1.5Mb connection for $13/mo (or $12.95/mo to be all technical).

While it's nowhere near 15Mbps, I can download everything relatively fast enough (I mean for the price that is) around 89KB/s. If I were to go by preference, I'd go with RoadRunner, but I'm not willing to dish out $40 a month for it.

I get that on SBC DSL for 24.95. Fibre is supposed to be comming around here but I wish they would hurry up with it.

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