ATi Catalyst v5.13 Beta Drivers

larrylumbo for this submission in BPN.


Taken from Guru3D: The German site apparantly got permission to redistribute a beta of the upcoming ATI Catalyst 5.13. We therefor mirrored it onto our file-servers.

The 5.13 drivers are optimized for quality video playback, AVIVO, in othe words HDTV lovin Santa has brought the thirteenth Catalyst driver release of 2005. With this new version, ATI claims that they've raised the bar in video performance and set the stage for worldwide "video dominATIon." ATI considers Catalyst 5.13 as the first driver that unlocks the AVIVO technology present in the Radeon X1800, but it's more than that. Catalyst 5.13 represents the countless hours needed to understand the problems associated with deinterlacing and image enhancement as well as the time spent generating novel solutions.


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