ATI Introduces Mobility Radeon 9800

Designed for the mobile gaming enthusiast, MOBILITY RADEON 9800 enables users to enjoy the latest DirectX 9 games at optimal settings for the highest levels of performance. Based on core technology from the award-winning RADEON X800, MOBILITY RADEON 9800 is a powerhouse visual processor that blends the best of the desktop and mobile graphics world, to the ultimate benefit of the user. MOBILITY RADEON 9800 is available from Dell on the Inspiron XPS in North America and the Inspiron 9100 in Europe.

"Thanks to the new Mobility RADEON 9800, the Dell Inspiron XPS is the first laptop in the world with the power to run the Splinter Cell 3 E3 Weather demo at above 30 fps." said Dany Lepage, Splinter Cell 3 lead programmer at Ubisoft's Montreal studio. "The strong performance of the Mobility RADEON 9800, with antialiasing and the widescreen display of the Inspiron XPS, should allow players to experience Splinter Cell 3 in the best possible conditions."

"ATI continues its outstanding graphics performance with the MOBILITY RADEON 9800 and enables us to be more creative with the visual effects in our games," says Peter Molyneux, founder of Lionhead Studios. "Gamers can now experience the advanced 3D graphics in applications like Black and White 2 previously available only to desktop users."

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News source: DesignTechnica - News

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"Based on the X800 core"? Then why label it a 9800 Mobility, surely they would've got away with labelling it as a X800 mobility and lapped up the good PR?

QUOTE (#3.1)
X800 is a similar core design to the 9800's.

Probably because the performance is only around the 9800 level in a laptop. I think it's a smart move.

Yeah, I was thinking that as I pressed submit, but it's still an opportunity to take it a step up in the marketing war with nVidia. Although there's not much competition at the moment.