ATI logo to remain on stage

Although AMD aggressively consolidates its business with ATI after the merger, the ATI logo is not going to disappear from graphics products, according to sources at graphics cards makers. AMD recently sent a letter to partner companies, saying that graphics card vendors, while shipping products based on ATI GPUs, should not only highlight part numbers without the ATI logo, according to the sources

News source: DigiTimes

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This is true. I live about 5 mins from the ATI HQ and you can see the slim AMD logo on the building at the top in the rectangular groove where the bigger ATI logo used to be, it looks like shlt. The ATI brand, however, will continue to exist.

I don't really care about the logo.

I think the new site is crap though. Way to many pages to click through to get something like the latest Vista driver. Besides the look of the new site is too corporate, no more spiffy flash animations and nice product details.

Im really glad that they are keeping the ATI Logo, i think that having AMD on graphics would be a-little too weird for my liking.. i guess its because ive just grew up with the thought of ATI = graphics, AMD = Processors