ATI Plans Expects DirectX 11 Chips Next Year

ATI, graphics products group of Advanced Micro Devices, said at Ceatec trade-show in Japan that its expects DirectX 11-compatible graphics processing units (GPUs) in 2009, which may be considered as intention to release a new breed of chips that support new application programming interface. In addition, the company predicts prosperity of general purpose computing on GPU (GPGPU).

AMD's ATI unit outlined several expectations for the consumer 3D graphics industry in 2009. Among the highlights are GPU manufacturing transition to 40nm process technology and widespread usage of GDDR5 memory standard, which will drive performance of graphics chips considerably up, something, which will allow game developers to create video games with more sophisticated effects

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Meanwhile, Nvidia is still in the stoneage and hasn't even added support for DX10.1 YET. Its been a year now. So I expect Nvidia to add DX 11, maybe in 2011.

ATI has always been MUCH farther ahead in technology than Nvidia.

Great, but I want a guarantee that an incompatible 11.1 will not be released just after I put down my hard earned cash.

It is backward compatible with Dx10 hardware but some of the new features (like Hardware tesselation and Shader Model 5.0) require Dx11 hardware, so ATi aren't BSing.

screw ATi & nV !

i wont buy into first gen card crap just like 8800 ~ DX10 !

if it happen i will buy 2nd gen DX11 cards

hmm after the fiasco with Dx10, I couldn't careless about Dx11. Barely anyone even uses Dx10, what makes them think anyone will care about 11? seriously. It's all good and all saying Dx11 is better then 10 but considering only people running Vista/7 can use it, are people really gonna care? or are people just gonna hack the handful of Dx11 games to run in all their glory on Dx9 in XP again? :P

(Kushan said @ #2)
Is it just me or is there a random "something" in that summary that shouldn't be there?

The problem is the the comma which directly follows it.