ATI Radeon X1650 Pro vs. Nvidia GeForce 7600GS

As much as we love testing and talking about the latest innovations in PC graphics, it's only a fraction of the gamers market that can truly enjoy these high-end products as soon as they come out of the oven because of its high prices.

It's not a surprise then that the bulk of Nvidia and ATI sales for videocard upgrades are in the segment between $100 and $200, this is also what we call the mainstream market. For this article we have narrowed down such segment to cards below the $150 mark, where the obvious contenders, Nvidia and ATI have laid down two products that go head to head: the long dominant GeForce 7600GS, and the recently launched Radeon X1650 Pro.

View: ATI Radeon X1650 Pro vs. Nvidia GeForce 7600GS

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i wish i had pci express. still rockin PCI and AGP slots. what's the best AGP-based card for an occasional gamer that wants to be Vista-ready with a direct x 9.0 card? up to $150 or so.

I bought the xfx 7600GT AGP version (as above) not sure what the price is in US dollars but even if its a bit more, its worth the extra over a 7600GS. Probably the best AGP card we will see before we are forced to change over.

Quote - mohan_168 said @ #11
Why not get the XFX 7600GT for about the same price ? at $135 from newegg. It sure is awesome.

I bought this card a fw weeks ago, absolutely awesome performance for the price.

They mentioned "green team". I guess that could apply to either company now. If I were buying a new card today I'd definately go with nvidia because of their Linux support.

lol you guys are makin me jealous.. so i aint a gamer i would love to play games on computer... i got a stupid mother board graphic card... STUPID COMPAQ HAS NO AGP SLOT SO i had to return the one i bought.. and after that i bought a PCI card and you kno what it didnt even work lol.. anyways iam buying a new computer with a good graphic card

crossfire will work if you get a crossfire ready x1650 or x1300 although the X1650 will cut its features to equal the X1300.

Quote - EduardValencia said @ #7.1
yes my x1300 pro is crossfire capable

so it's better to buy another x1300?

most probably yes. though crossfire x1300 wouldn't be very powerful, you're better off just buying a more powerful single card.

I just bought a 7600GT and was wondering if it was any good. Without reading the article too much, i take it as a maybe?

Funny to see that the more the game is exigent for graphics, the more ATi beats it... I'm not convinced of these results.

The results were never overwhelmingly in ATi's favor. The margins were much slimmer on the two ATi wins than nVidia's were for their wins in the other benchmarks.

But, for me, the choice comes down to OS support. nVidia plays better with Linux. Well, other than their root exploit.

Awesome, was looking to buy a medium-end graphics card. I'll read this. More articles of this kind should be posted here. They help a lot! First comment, woo.