ATI writes to Nvidia suit's children

Lol thanks Qba73 for sending us this one seen over @ The Inquirer. Decide for yourselves.. ATi vs Nvidia heats up

Dear ATI Fan,

We don't blame you for being unhappy with your X-Box gaming experience. But the good news is that your friends at ATI are about to put an end to your suffering--enclosed is a brand new Nintendo Gamecube, featuring award-winning ATI graphics.

We've also enclosed a complete assortment of ATI giveaways and branded merchandise for you to enjoy, including hats, shirts, sweatshirts, vests, bags, flashlights, pens--and even flashlight pens.

And because we know you're already planning on wearing this around the house, when your dad's co-workers come over for dinner, to Nvidia company picnics, etc., we've included a special bonus - one of the hottest new games for Gamecube - Spiderman.

We're sure you'll like Spiderman, because he's a red-costumed good-guy superhero who battles against his evil green nemesis, the Green Goblin, and ultimately defeats him with superior speed and a unique feature set.

Once again, thank you for choosing ATI.


Chris Hook

John Swinimer

PR Managers, ATI Technologies Inc.

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News source: The Inquirer

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