ATI's "R600" Graphics Cards' Image Transpires

A picture supposedly of a code-named R600-based graphics card from ATI (graphics division of Advanced Micro Devices) has been leaked. The image shows a special "long" version of the rumoured power-hungry graphics card aimed at original equipment manufacturers and system integrators. Asian website VR-Zone claims that there will be two versions of the ATI R600 XTX: one for OEM/SI and one for retail. Both feature 1GB of GDDR4 memory on board, but the OEM version is 12.4" long, whereas the retail is 9.5" long. The power consumption of the AMD R600 graphics card is 270W for 12" version and 240W for 9.5" version. Specifications of ATI R600 are believed to be as follows:

  • 64 4-Way SIMD Unified Shaders, 128 Shader Operations/Cycle
  • 32 texture mapping units, 16 raster operation units
  • 512-bit memory interface full 32 bit per chip connection
  • 230W thermal power envelope
View: Leaked Image
News source: X-bit Labs

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NeoFlux said,
Isn't this an engineering sample? The actual retail version is meant to be 9.3inches or something.

Yeah but Im sure this will probably wind up with a three slot cooler if OEM's wanted a fan that massive to keep it cool.

That is the ugliest looking card I have ever seen! It looks like an elephant-fish.
Glad they went with DDR4 though. I cant WAIT till they release them. w00t!

if i had that card i wouldnt be looking at it; I would be looking at the hardcore graphics it would be able to render

Perhaps the graphics card industry needs to think about power consumption, because thats kinda ridiculous... There must be some way to make them more efficient...

Well, the point of the mother board is that you only have one motherboard... right? Not sure how you imagine that working? They have their own PCB (which is all the motherboard is anyway)...

What you may be suggesting really is that theres a "special" path made for GPUs to the CPU, rather than going through the generic PCI architecture. I imagine that would make things marginally faster, but at the cost of easy expandability.

that heatsinks remind of the AMD opteron cooling heatpipe... GPU this day is getting longer... maybe soon it will be same size as a atx mobo and will need a seperate case!!!

i dont know i find it wrong while everything tend to go to the way of smaller size, less heat, eat less energy and give the best performance posible the video card market its no advancing anymore in those aspects, i think that both nvidia and ati should rethink and focus more about those aspects in a future if they continue like that they will kill pc gaming experience and of course my electric bill.

That reminds me of that funny picture of that "Bitchin' fast! 3D 2000" parody (

Does it come bundled with a CM Stacker perhaps? :P

Ok I'm all for great graphics and things, but the amount of power that cards are requiring now adays is outragous. I mean when I change from my ati x800xl to an ati x1900gt, I could tell the difference in my electric bill. That is why I no longer leave my comp on all the time. I now turn it off to save power when I'm not using it.

Hell I know if I would buy that card that thing would just kill me in electricity bills alone.

Why can't they make cards that give top line graphics without such high energy need?

I think it's not End-user GPU... it's seem like for the work station GPU class. It's rival to QuadroFX. That why it need a lot of energy... Absolute not for me... :disappointed:

Im pretty sure the R600 was delayed to make it shorter and that is what it looked like before they shortened it!
Now it has 12 layers of pcb ( a record for a gfx card!)

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