AT&T ends '07 with about 2 million iPhone customers

AT&T Inc, the exclusive U.S. carrier for Apple Inc's iPhone said on Thursday it ended 2007 with "just at or slightly under 2 million iPhone customers." "We had very solid sales results in October and November and we had almost double sales in December," said Chief Financial Officer Rick Lindner, referring to iPhone sales on the company's quarterly earnings call.

News source: Reuters

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only 4 millions?... thats like nothing in the phones world.

compared to the 22 millions smartphones nokia sell each quarter.
and thing compared to the 438 millions phone they sold in 2007.

apple says they sold 4 million iphones since launch excluding dec 2007 which is expected to be even higher. only 2 million registered with at&t. boy, there are that many hackers. tmobile is laughing their ass off cause they don't pay apple shlt and probably getting similar amount of iphone users on their network. not sure how many of them are exported though

That's a crap load of cash AT&T has to pay Apple each and every month for the... ha ha... "privilege" of selling iPhone to its customers.

As I read the headline I was so hoping that "AT&T ends" was followed by "partnership deal with Apple". Because then there would be a precedent and it would pave the way for a similar thing with O2 in the UK so that one of the ACTUAL (not what Jobs says is the case) favourite providers in the UK (Orange or Vodafone) could sell the iPhone instead.

Oh well, no iPhone for me.