AT&T escalates mobile war against T-mobile by offering new Mobile Share single and two line plans

AT&T has introduced two new plans today that are aimed at customers looking for one or two lines of service. The new Mobile Share Value plans are in direct response to T-Mobile's newly revised and improved offerings, which were launched on Friday, March 7th. AT&T has decided to offer the same great reliable service by lower its previous single line price by $15.

Plans will now start at $65 and include unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data, unlimited international messaging (190 countries for text / 120 countries for picture and video messages), and 50GB of cloud storage via ATT's own Locker cloud service. Two lines of service will start at $90 and include all of the same features of the single line. The new Mobile Share data plans do not have an annual contract term and customers are eligible to take advantage of ATT's Next program to purchase a mobile handset. These new plans will join the existing Mobile Share Data plans that were introduced last month on AT&T which were for families with 3 lines or more.

How important will these changes be for AT&T's new and existing customers? 

While that's debatable, one things for certain, change is good, and T-Mobile and AT&T are both looking to earn customers with change. 

Source : AT&TImage : AT&T

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or get unlimited everything (2.5gb at 4G LTE) for $45 through AIOwireless, which is owned by ATT. $35 if you can live with 500mb of 4G LTE.

Though it is almost a good plan by ATT. Just not good enough for anyone doing a bit of research.

If a major corporation can't make a payment coupon that property fits into their provided return envelope, I can hardly feel confident in anything of a possible "high tech" nature by this company. Even letters to the CEO have not brought about change--so much for listening to their customers.

So I can get 2GB of data from AT&T for $65 or get Unlimited of data from T-Mobile for $70. Hmm, tough choose.

This is way, AT&T went out of business 10 years ago. Trying to treat their customers.

I agree. I like the plans TMobile is challenging with. I wish AT&T would step to the plate. Only issue with Tmobile is the service. It isnt consistent enough for me to switch.

Luckily Im grand fathered into an older plan which has me paying much less for a lot more. One thing that I couldnt swallow is when TMobile eliminated its grandfathered planned customers and converted them to new plans.

T-mobile doesn't eliitate grandfathered plans, they give the option to switch, generally switching is better with them.

They will increase true unlimited by $10 later this month, but they include 5 GB instead of 500 MB of tethering if thats important to anyone to switch to a newer more expensive plan although there are ways to get around tethering fees.

My wife and I are currently on TFW (via StraightTalk and Net10) using AT&T towers. Each or our plans cost $45/month, so this is very tempting for us. This means we can get subsidized phones and still pay the same monthly price for our phones. Strongly considering this, but I still like the flexibility of staying off contract. Decisions, decisions.

If I read the article correctly, AT&T is offering only 2-GB of data compared to unlimited data from Straight Talk. Best to look at AT&T's fine print to see how much extra it will cost you based on your historic usage.

timicantisano said,
Oh, Im sorry for some reason I was focused on AT&T's plan. AT&T does not offer subsidized on these plans.

So you have to pay monthly for AT&T Next in order to have any kind of cell phone subsidization? Yeah, doesn't seem that useful to me if that is the case. Looks like I should have RTFA more carefully . Thanks for the clarification.

personally i wished they stepped it up a bit. TMobile's plans were a bit better with 3GB of data and tethering. But like @techbeck said, competition is a good thing.

I agree, but AT&T has a bit of a network advantage over TMobile in terms of coverage and average speed across the coverage area. I can get decent 3G data speeds even in BFN Texas at times with AT&T towers (I'm using TFW). My sister, on T-Mobile, couldn't even get her maps application to work properly because her data connection sucked.

Its all area dependent, but I think taken as a whole AT&T network > T-Mobile network and that may justify these differences in price/data for a lot of folks.

sORRY TO ATT. Unlimited Data or nope nope nope. Throttled is so much better than auto billed when u didn't knw u surpassed the gigs. tmobile's been getting a lot of their customers. Tmobile needs to lower data now to really make att look like a fool.