AT&T HTC One M8 users receiving 'Extreme Power Saving Mode' in update

When the HTC One M8 was released it had some features that it was lacking, such as high performance mode. The company has been trying to improve their hardware, and software to become more appealing to the high-end market, despite the fact that Samsung has been chipping away at their market share since the release of the Galaxy S5. These factors are pushing HTC to bring new ideas to the table. As a result, HTC is rolling out an "Extreme Power Saving Mode" to AT&T customers using the One M8 after Sprint users had recently gotten this update.

The feature does exactly what it says: saves your battery by reducing the amount of services running, putting unused apps in the background, while allowing messaging and calling features to be used. Although European users had this feature from the start, it's great to see that consumers in the States are getting more choices with how they want to use their battery. The M8 is quickly becoming a well-rounded device with its high-end specs, premium feel and large screen, despite a lack of durability. If you've been looking for a phone that can run full speed when needed, and sip power when on the go then look no further than the HTC One M8.

Source: Slashgear | Image via Android Central

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Soon there will be an Ultra Extreme Power Saving Mode than a Supreme Ultra Extreme Power Saving Mode then its off the the Premium Universal Supreme Ultra Extreme Extra Advanced Powerful Power Saving Mode Plus. :p

I always read the HTC One M8 as the HTC Only Mate

So the prefixes to "Power Saving Mode" basically represents the no of services or features which are shutdown when this mode is activated.