AT&T iPhone 4S users hit by activation delays

As expected, the launch of Apple's iPhone 4S to retail stores on Friday was greeted with lots of people waiting in line at their favorite outlet to be among the first to get the latest version of the best selling smartphone. This is the first time that an iPhone launch has been accompanied by three wireless carriers here in the US (AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless). reports that for the most part Apple had enough units of the iPhone 4S available for everyone who showed up at 8 am today. This is in contrast to 2010's launch of the iPhone 4 where there were simply not enough units to go around on launch day and shortages continued for weeks.

However, not everything went smoothly. Cult of Mac reports that a number of AT&T customers experienced problems with activating their new iPhone 4S devices on Friday. No such widespread issues were reported for Verizon or Sprint customers. In addition, Apple's iCloud service has experienced some small periods of downtime since launching on Wednesday. However, Apple's online status page indicates, at least as of this writing, that iCloud is now 100 percent operational.

While none of the wireless carriers would reveal specific sales numbers for Friday's iPhone 4S launch, reports that all three seem to be happy with today's release. Sprint claims it had "its best ever day of sales in retail" today thanks to the iPhone 4S launch. AT&T claimed that it " ... had already activated a record number of iPhones on our network -– and is on-track to double our previous record for activations on a single day." Verizon was a bit more subdued in its official statement but did say it had seen "steady traffic" in its retail stores and added, "We’re looking forward to a busy weekend."

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kinda strange a friend of mine works customer service in MN at AT&T and had heard nothing about this. ie, it's a minor event that someone blew out of proportion. doesn't sound like a minor event.

Siri works fine for me! Just asked it "Siri where can i get a blow job" and it responded with addresses to three escort services lol

Siri is one envious service... I can only see more upgrades to it. Lets see what Microsoft and its voice stuff react.

O5M3L said,
and Siri is having problems connecting to the network too. Poor Siri must be overworked today lol

I may sound like a troll but I actually think it was wrong to restrict siri to one device when it uses the cloud. An android phone free on contract can do voice control. While not as powerful as siri im sure since its cloud based it could be just as good. Fact is Google offers their similar product to any phone with a mic and android.

NoLiMiT06 said,
I left Verizon for Sprint

I will whenever they launch their LTE network in the Dallas area next year. However I'm locked into a contract and grandfathered into their old unlimited plan pricing.