AT&T is thinking about bringing 1 Gbps Internet to 21 U.S. metro areas

In February, Google announced that it was in discussions to bring its 1 Gbps Google Fiber Internet service to nine more U.S. metropolitan areas. Not to be outdone, AT&T announced today it is thinking about bringing the same Internet speeds to 21 U.S. metro areas.

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AT&T's press release lists the 21 metropolitan areas under consideration for their GigaPower service, which will cover a total of 100 cities: Atlanta, Augusta, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Fort Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Greensboro, Houston, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Oakland, Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, St. Louis, San Francisco, and San Jose.

AT&T's GigaPower service is currently live in a small section of Austin, Texas, and will expand to Dallas, Raleigh-Durham and Winston-Salem, North Carolina at some point. Today's press release doesn't mean that AT&T will add 1 Gbps Internet to all of the cities listed; it simply means the company will "work with local leaders in these markets to discuss ways to bring the service to their communities." Pricing has yet to be revealed.

Google Fiber's 1 Gbps ISP, which also includes a television service, is already live in Kansas City and will go live in Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas later this year.

Source: AT&T | Image via AT&T

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As a Google Fiber customer, this is EXACTLY what I (and of course Google) hoped would come of this. Disrupt the market and hope your competitors raise the game.

And KC will DEFNITELY be one of the first, because Google has already set the tax break precedent in the area for fiber optic infrastructure and the city will have to give the others the same benefits.

Next up: Time Warner and Comcast. Oh yeah.

it is such a shame that other countries are way ahead of us and we are support to be the richest and most powerful country in the world lol

belto said,
it is such a shame that other countries are way ahead of us and we are support to be the richest and most powerful country in the world lol

.... Stop helping them....

I will never believe ATT in anything they say. They suck hard!!

I avoid them at all costs and my internet and cell phone are better off. Their commercials except for a few are annoying and they have never been reliable. Amazing they have been around so long to rip us all off!

F* AT&T and their service hard in the goat a$$!!!! Worst crap I have ever used! Kept claiming they weren't blocking port for my business, finally after 6 months and countless tech visits, I switched to Brighthouse, plugged it in, hh sh*t, VPN and IPsec tunnels work now instantly! FFFFFFFFFFFFFF AT&T.

If Google Fiber doesn't come soon to ATL, this has to come to me, right now I have AT&T, but Uverse isn't available in my high population, high income area (why??) so I am on an awful connection.. this has to happen.

"Potential Metros"? Ha, very funny. They may as well title this, "We'll expand 1Gbps to these cities if Google expands their Fiber offering there. Otherwise #### all of you."

Great! we need more competition in the High Speed broadband space in the US, here in Miami your only option for true high speed is Comcast, AT&T is a joke right here at the moment.

Askew_ said,
that's at&t wireless... their u-verse has like 250/300gb datacap

I actually just recently signed up for uverse, and there's no mention of a cap or any way to track it anywhere. They claim it's 250GB, but I know I've gone way over that in the short time I've had it. No financial penalty. Not quite sure what's going on there.

I have AT&T in Atlanta right now and this might be my backup if Google Fiber doesn't come to my area.

I also hope Comcast gets scared from this.