AT&T launches its own shared data plan

A few weeks ago, Verizon Wireless announced its shared data plans for its smartphone customers. Now AT&T is announcing its own mobile data sharing plans, called Mobile Share. The plans is scheduled to go into effect in August. However, AT&T is allowing customers to also keep their individual data plans if they wish. The shared data plans come with unlimited voice and messaging.

In a page on AT&T's website, the company goes over the details of the Mobile Share plans. They begin at $40 a month for one GB of data, plus $45 for each smartphone on the data plan. Adding a tablet device will increase the price by $10 a month and adding a laptop or mobile hotspot will add another $20 a month.

AT&T allows users to go all the way up to 20 GB a month for $200, which is double the amount of data that Verizon allows with its Share Everything plan. As you increase your data cap, the price of the smartphones you add to the plan gets lower. If you go over your data cap, it's another $15 for each GB.

With Verizon and AT&T now launching shared but limited data plans, that leaves Sprint among the three biggest wireless carriers in the US with a truly unlimited data plan, with no sharing option, for its customers.

Source: AT&T | Image via AT&T

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jznomoney said,
How does this effect the FAN discounts?

I was wondering the same thing. If my math is correct though, I'll break about even for 2 lines so I may switch to this. If the FAN discount can be used for this, I'll be way ahead. Something tells me though that the FAN will be very small. I'm thinking of calling them to find out.

These plans make no sense. It's cheaper to just pay $30 for each device (for 3 GB). These carriers are having a grand ol' time fleecing everyone.

So it's $40 to add a smartphone that uses data, but to add a dumbphone that doesn't use data it's $30? It's currently only $10 so the ROV on that is a little skewed, unless their plan is to make dumbphones more expensive than their worth and force people into smartphones...therefore increase opportunity for sweet overage money.

The packages are like Verizon's and nothing but BS.. I checked on going to a 4GB data shared plan with Verizon from what i have now to save some money but it ended up being like $10more a month so how is this supposed to save me money - well it won't!

What if I have an unlimited data plan (grandfathered) and my girlfriend wants to get my old iPhone 4 when I get the new 5?

I do not see how this plan could be appealing to anyone needing data. The 2GB shared data plan at $40 would be palatable, but to pay $45 additional per month just to assign a smartphone to that data plan is ridiculous. Why bother to have a single shared pool of 2GB between two smart phones for $130, when I can get 2GB per phone for a total of $60?

Not that AT&T's single phone data plans are much better. $15 for 200MB or $30 for 2GB? Why not $15 for 1GB? Even better is the fact that they require you to have a data plan if you have a smart phone is ****ty icing on the cake. Of course this has been and will continue to be the status quo for the forseeable future. That doesn't mean it's right or that it shouldn't be called what it is: Bull****.

AT&T and Verizon acting alike? (gasp) no.....

Where's the AT&T guard at? Why aren't they here defending them? At least Verizon's army showed up to defend this move.

Why should I be charged to used my device as a mobile hot spot when if I use it as such I will be using more data which means I will pay more anyways. Seems stupid to me.

The phone cartels will milk this cash cow for many years to come and continue to convince nodding dolts to feel guilty about using it "too much" without paying huge sums as this new plan clearly demonstrates.

Figure 8 Dash said,
These plans are only useful if you're talk/text heavy and (extremely) light on data. Basically the opposite of most smartphone users.

Maybe that's why they offer unlimited. Since they know most people won't talk that much anyway? Just my guess. Makes the plan more attractive.

thatguyandrew1992 said,

Makes the plan more attractive.

Do you mean the scam?..... AT&T makes Al Capone looks like a Kindergarten teacher....

ir0nw0lf said,

And your data to prove that is?
I just wanted to drop an important comment board announcement: You got owned!!!!!!

One reason why I am staying with tmobile. Those prices are ridiculous. I get 2Gb high speed data for $10.00 with them.

Deihmos said,
One reason why I am staying with tmobile. Those prices are ridiculous. I get 2Gb high speed data for $10.00 with them.

Meh... a couple of my friends have T-Mobile... I guess "high speed" is relative. It doesn't compare at all to my AT&T LTE service.

tsupersonic said,
All of them piggyback on Verizon/ATT/Sprint/Tmobile's network...

OK? They piggyback at substantially lower prices.