AT&T may have altered the outcome of American Idol

American Idol year after year continues to attract millions of viewers and many of those who watch will also vote for their favorite performer. One way of entering your ballot is by texting. This year only those subscribers of AT&T were able to vote via text.

AT&T has come under fire for possibly altering the results for the final vote that determined the winner of this year's competition. In Arkansas where the winning contestant lives AT&T provided a free texting service at two parties and provided no such service in the hometown of the contestant who lost the competition.

"Representatives of AT&T helped fans of Mr. Allen at the two Arkansas events by providing instructions on how to send 10 or more text messages at the press of a single button, known as power texts". These power texts can add up quite quickly when one person is able to vote at a 10-1 ratio of those being forced to call in because they do not subscribe to AT&T.

Did AT&T really alter the outcome? We wont ever know if their contribution of power texting had an impact or not but it does leave some doubt to the final results. The producers of American Idol do state that "blocks of votes cast using 'technical enhancements' that unfairly influence the outcome of voting can be thrown out." How closely the block voting is monitored is unknown but expect changes to next years competition after the outcry of AT&T's possible slanted participation this year.

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Well I know during another Show -- Dancing With The Stars -- Which I have only attempted to vote 3 times and for about 1 hour right after the program-- I could never get through... So this would not be such a shock that something like this would have happened. I don't get Fox here so I didn't watch or vote...but still it is sad that more people vote for things like this than in their local (not presidential) elections.

Wow, will there ever be a day when people who don't care about a topic don't post? If you don't give a crap, don't bother posting. If you have something interesting to contribute (other than "who cares?") then by all means post.

What a bunch of self-indulging "crap on anything I don't like" posters...

Firstly...does anyone care?
Secondly, it's all fixed anyway..

Thirdly, whoever wins will have one album then thrown back in to the rat race. Either that or will end up being a anorexic smackhead like Amy Winehouse.

AT&T had nothing to do with it, its because the runner up guy was gay, thats why he lost. When the word got out about ths guy it pretty much alienated him from a huge group of voters despite whether he could sing or not. Personally I could careless about this show its always been a big waste of time, and I see what it does to the winners. I used to know Ruben back in high school, he basically changed for the worst after he won. It isnt worth doing that to the winners.

How can there possibly be that many people so bored out of their minds that they actually watch this junk and even go so far as to vote?

i get it, at&t set up some secret deals with record companies to cash in on one particular participant, like so they could sell ringtones or whatever... but they rigged it using their text service, assuming that the show itself isnt rigged as a whole...

I quit watching this show a while ago. Britain's got talent is another show with interesting participants but their selection is even worse in comparison. Susan Boyle is going to win. Its amazing what they will do for the sake of ratings. Its so bad it makes you wonder if they have any brains at all.

What's wrong with that? People will vote for who they like. Half the time, I can't even see the sense in voting for either political party simply because both sides are retarded...

And even when they do get it right, things still go to sh--! Look at Germany back before WWII. Hitler was surely THE man...

I was going to say, the problem with a democracy is that it assumes that the majority is right. Unfortunately most of us are selfish. Makes a lot of sense huh.

I am not really sure if Hitler is a good example as he never really got the absolute majority in the parliament by votes. Although he was leading the biggest party back then he could still be stopped and not necesserily be assigned as the Chancellor of Germany.

It was president Hindenburg who back then thought that assigning Hitler as the Chancellor of Germany would weaken the Nazi party since he expected that Hitler would fail in no time. Well you know the rest of the story. Hindenburg dies and Hitler takes over the country.

I believe the biggest threat against democracy is not really selfishness but ignorance/indifference. And unfortanutely ignorant/indifferent people form the majority of the society. Therefore it is no surprise that the media has so much power on us.

QuarterSwede said,
I was going to say, the problem with a democracy is that it assumes that the majority is right. Unfortunately most of us are selfish. Makes a lot of sense huh.

All humans are selfish and being selfish is fine, so long as you're willing to accept other people are also selfish. In this regard it works quite well, for example, you want the most for your dollar and I want the most dollars for my goods. We decide on an equitable trade or go our separate ways.

The real problem is a growing number of us aren't just selfish, we want something for nothing. Now the paradigm is this: you want the most dollars for your goods but I don't want to pay, so I force you to give me your goods - through the threat of violence.

The biggest threat isn't selfishness or ignorance or indifference, it's people who want something for nothing, that hold their need as claim on your livelihood, who aren't willing to pay the price of what they want and subvert the rule of law to get it from you buy force. This is the tyranny of the majority that James Madison was concerned about some two centuries ago.

They have never verified all votes are from separate people... There are many groups who have call routines setup to mass call or text votes in, this is not new news.

It really does not matter who won, both will end up with a record company and selling albums. Just look at past years contestants.

Exactly. The top 5 and others will get record deals, so who cares if they gave one city/state free texting, I honestly doubt one city caused over a million votes or w.e it was.

The producers of American Idol have already come out and said that Kris won by such a landslide that the small amount of influence this may have played is negligible.

This is a stupid TV show, not an example of democracy in action. It's beyond my comprehension how people can place any value on such a meaningless popularity contest that is little more than a shameful reminder of just how shallow, useless, and brain dead American popular culture is.

I agree with the majority here..who really cares? Its all been fixed since day one anyway. Look at the past winners and you can clearly see they let some go ahead and some tossed out due to ratings. This show is almost as fixed as Survivor is.

Can be thrown out? Any decent service would verify that the phone hasn't called and/or text'd already.

But really, who cares about American Idol?

haha, damn right!

Athough we had a scandal similar to this in the UK last year where the companies operating the phone-in voting for x-factor or some reality show

were closing the lines early and still charging people, and where, on a children's TV show, all phone in votes were ignored and they just pulled in some

random visiting kid as the "winner" (although that happened years ago but only got out last year).

I could care less! American Idol is dead as far as I'm concerned. It's the same thing over and over again. Blah!

(snoozing) ......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It could have always been the producers. I'm pretty sure that the agreement that gets signed when you apply to audition gives them the right to alter the vote tallies to increase show ratings. It's always been a sham for as far as I know.