AT&T Silently adds Option to Remove iPhone Data Plan

AT&T is now allowing iPhone users to remove their iPhone data plan, allowing them to save at least $20.00 monthly if they feel that they don't use the EDGE network enough, don't need it all or simply find it too slow. Previously, this was something the wireless carrier would not allow the user to change. If you are one who wants to save some cash on a feature that you don't need, head over to your AT&T myAccount page and click "Add/Manage Features". The downside is the removal of the data plan will remove text messaging – add a text messaging plan if you don't want to pay by the message.

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News source: Talk iPhone

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maybe its different over in the US, but since when have texts been anything to do with data? What a total con.

This is good news for those who just want to use their Wi-Fi for online stuff.

Now if only AT&T had better service on my area, I might consider it. But Verizon is king around here.....

At certain times, EDGE has been very helpful. But it's kinda slow, too. I will have to debate on this one, but I am pretty sure some of the people I know will get rid of EDGE.