AT&T to open new concept retail store Saturday in Chicago

Apple's retail stores have been big hits ever since they launched 10 years ago. The design and look of the store locations match the mood of Apple customers themselves. Now AT&T, one of the wireless carriers for Apple's iPhone and iPad, will launch a concept store design in the Arlington Heights suburb of Chicago on Saturday that has more than a resemblance to Apple's retail store look. reports that the store has over 10,000 square feet of space, which is double the normal amount for an AT&T store. In a bit of a nod to Apple, there are no cash registers in the store. Instead, the AT&T employees will use iPads and iPhones to handle any sales for their customers. Also like Apple's stores, the Chicago AT&T store has large glass windows that are able to show what's inside. It will also have two large touch screens inside.

It's pretty obvious that AT&T sees what Apple has done and has decided to try out a lot of Apple's retail store ideas for its own locations. But will people respond to this Apple clone store or will they just think it is a rip-off?

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Why does Neowin insist on using the AT&T Death Star logo? I mean it's funny here and there but it's on EVERY ATT story now.

They might as well...walk into an at&t corporate store, or interact with their drones, and you would think you walked into an Apple store in the first place, save for all of the orange interior.
When I was looking at the SGS2 (I currently have a Dell Streak), the drone said something like "oh, you looking at the Android phone?", yes, I currently have a Dell Streak. She then said, well I don't like Android, I think Apple phones are the best. Well, when someone comes in looking for a phone, WHAT do you think she is going to push?

it sounds more complicated to make payments through a ipad as opposed to a cash register.. I don't understand quite..

Hackers love the Icloud trend that is going on now days as they will get so much information when companies are compromised. With many being compromised this year. I keep my personal information on my own hard drive instead with a big " corporation "

Really don't like the partiality toward using an iPhone or iPad as a POS device. There are dedicated POSes for a reason, and when Apple's lax security attitude catches up with them all these businesses integrating iCrap into their business processes are going to be up a creek...

Whats wrong with the way the ATT stores look now??

Just more money wasted and they will pass on to consumers.

But I guess if they ever have finacial problems they will get a bailout cause" to big to fail" mentality in the US.

Edited by nukenorman, Nov 17 2011, 11:57pm :

It will be a stupid rip-off. This isn't going to help their image or their reception. The store can not make the product or service...