Attackers take aim at IE7 flaw

Microsoft is warning users to avoid suspicious websites and emails after attacks were reported on an unpatched flaw in Internet Explorer 7. The company would not provide exact figures, but said that a "limited number " of attacks had been reported. The attacks target a vulnerability in IE7's handling of the uniform resource indicator (URI) commands used by browsers to launch third-party applications.

Microsoft disclosed the vulnerability on 10 October, explaining that it arises when the browser fails to check malformed URI instructions in Windows XP and Server 2003. Windows Vista is not believed to be vulnerable. Security firm Secunia rated the vulnerability as 'highly critical', the fourth of its five severity levels

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MioTheGreat said,
"Windows Vista is not believed to be vulnerable."

I assume Protected Mode is to thank?

More than likely. I am assuming it'll pop up that nice orange/yellow box saying "This website is trying to load the program "xxx" would you like to allow this?" I know I've said no quite a few times. For some reason, the Juniper.Net Web based VPN client runs regedit when logging out... I've never let this happen.

I love protected mode!

most likely due to poor compatibility with windows XP and 2k3 applications
including malware.

Windows X64 has the same short fall

the exploit doesnt work correctly since the app it attempts to deploy is optimised for Windows XP/2k3 32bit.