Attackers target Windows DRM flaw

Microsoft has warned that attackers are actively targeting a security vulnerability in the SafeDisc DRM technology that ships as part of Windows. The problem affects the 'secdrv.sys' file, a component of the SafeDisc copy encryption developed by Macrovision and sold to game developers.

The DRM technology is bundled with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista, but does not affect Windows Vista. Danish security website Secunia rates the vulnerability as 'less critical', the second step on a five step severity scale. The risk to end users is limited because a successful exploit requires attackers to have an account on the targeted system.

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Who wants to start a mob at The Grove on Saturday and riot about DRM? I'm in if this is the case because this drives people nuts including me. May the game makers be damned for following DRM and causing similar problems to others like this and what happened to -Hiroshi-

I think it's probably something to do with the fact that its installed with Windows, not as a third party application that you install after Windows setup has completed...

It technically is a Macrovision flaw. In order to support the SafeDisc tech you have to add these files from the start or any safedisc games will probably never install or run at all.

Wait, since when has Safedisk been PART OF Windows and not just installed by some crappy game?

Either I've been grossly mistaken for the last 6 or so years or the author of this article doesn't know what the hell they're talking about.

It's definately installed with Windows, like the article states, it's bundled. It's on our Windows Server 2003 system at work, and I can guarentee no Safedisk related product has been installed there!

Much like the update Microsoft released for Flash, mainly because the old swflash.ocx was bundled with versions of Windows.

In order to support SafeDisc games you have to have this thing on your system from the start. If you never install a game that uses SafeDisc tech than the dlls or .sys files etc just sit there and do nothing.

But that aside, this is a bug in SafeDisc and I don't know if MS can be blamed for it directly. They can fix it though.