Auction Fraud Tops Net Crime

According the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), auction fraud complaints made up about 45% of the 207,492 complaints received by the IC3 last year. That number is down significantly from 2005 when auction fraud was cited at 63%, but nevertheless, Internet auction fraud remains the most frequently reported online crime. Overall, the number of complaints received by IC3 was down 10% from the previous year, when the IC3 logged 231,493 complaints. Unfortunately, the total dollar losses reported were up in 2006: US$198 million in total. In 2005 that number was $183 million. Complaints for non-delivery of merchandise represented 19% of complaints, compared to 16% in 2005. The median dollar loss reported per complaint was $724, according to the FBI.

News source: PC World

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If ebay was such a scam site as people seem to be claiming here, they wouldn't be around now would they. They may have had 231,000 complaints, but how many is that really compared to how many are legitimate. I would bet Ebay has far more sales in one day than that number.

I'd like someone for once to do a story on the scam job pulled by businesses in the real world, scamming customers out of their money once they pay for something, and no longer giving service, or customers getting screwed out of their rebates because businesses never had any intention of paying them.

Kind of shocked. I knew auction fraud was increasing, just as sheer overall activity on fleaBay and others are increasing, but didn't expect those kinds of numbers.

It's so easy and mostly anonymous for criminal to scam people on auction sites. Ship to Nigeria here, 100% positive feedback from other criminals, phished accounts, selling pictures or boxes of items, theres just not enough resources to stop it.

I've never used any online auction site because 1% chance of being frauded is too much for me. There needs to be a change in the way online auctions do business.

Yes, online auction fraud is extremely easy, and eBay is chock-full of fraudsters, so the chance of being frauded is a huge deal higher than just 1% - otherwise they wouldn't make up about half of all online crimes, over 200,000 cases!