Audi and AT&T announce pricing for data plans for A3 sedan which is North America's first vehicle with 4G LTE

Audi and AT&T have announced data plans for North America's first 4G LTE connected vehicle, the 2015 Audi A3 sedan. This partnership was first announced in January at CES 2014, but both Audi and AT&T remained tight lipped in regards to the pricing of data plans for the vehicle.

For owners of the 2015 Audi A3, AT&T will offer a choice of two plans: a six month plan with 5GB of data (833MB / month) for $99 or the 30 month plan with 30GB of data (1GB / month) for $499. AT&T touts the 30GB / 30 months plan as a better value as it equates to a three cent difference in plans but with the addition of 167MB per month. AT&T also allows customers the option to add their vehicle to their Mobile Share data plans as a connected device. This data plan is meant to work with Audi's Connect service, which will be included free for the first six months. Audi Connect unleashes the power of your car infotainment system by including the power Google Maps, Google Voice, and social media access with Twitter and Facebook.  While currently 4G LTE is a Audi A3 exclusive, Audi hopes to roll out this technology to its other lines as new models or refreshes release.


Source : AT&T | Image: Audi

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I would rather see more CarPlay type stuff where I can use my own mobile device by docking (and charging it) while driving than pay for separate data plan which will be a substantial percentage of the overall monthly cost.

Microsoft and Ford just started a advertising campaign in the UK Television for their Sync service - Not impressive but at least they are trying.

timicantisano said,
I think its a bit different considering its OnStar 4G LTE. It isn't as diverse or flexible.

Um, you are correct that it is 'different', but it is actually more flexible with more features than just a generic 4G LTE connection.

GM users get the generic 4G LET connection just like the Audi user, but they have options of other features with the OnStar 'network' also available.

Having internet access is nice, but having emergency vehicles sent to your location if the car detects a crash is a bonus.

It would be nice if a mobile number wouldn't be needed anymore because it is not even unique and just anyone can have it when it is recycled. But well - here we go and whatsapp is still growing.

For 833MB or 1GB a month, I wonder if it's enough for infotainment purposes? I'd rather it just piggyback off my smartphone's connection, music selection, etc.

It will be the monthly payment plus $200+ for the AT&T service. Knowing that both Audi and AT&T basically sell overpriced cars and phone services.