Australian Government expands broadband network proposal

The current Labor run Australian Government has announced that it is expanding the proposed NBN (National Broadband Network) by a further 300,000 homes and businesses, in hope of winning next months August 21st election.

The opposition, Tony Abbot, is against this project, as his party predicts it will cost as much as $80 billion as opposed to $43 billion the current government is saying it will cost. He states that he will scrap the project if he is put in power at the election.

"We all want to see better broadband, more affordable broadband," Liberal spokesperson Tony Smith told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. "But we make no apology for not matching Labor's monumentally reckless spending in this regard."

Australia as a whole, trails behind many of the industrialized nations in terms of accessibility, and cost of broadband. The size of the country and vastness of the space, contributes to the cost and speed issues.

The proposed plan, originally covered 90% of the population, but it now has been increased to 93%. Current Prime Minister Julia Gillard, campaigned in Perth, turning the Internet plan into a proper campaigning platform.

"The choice today couldn't be clearer: I will build the National Broadband Network. (The opposition) will not," Gillard said.

The plan is said to create 25,000 jobs and facilitate modern education that would ensure the competitive nature between Australia and other nations.

"I simply don't understand why (the opposition) thinks it's a wise idea for children in this nation to get an education not of the same standard as children in Singapore," Gillard said. "To make sure our children get a world-class education, they need access to world-class technology."

A trial of the network is currently underway for three lucky towns in Tasmania, and the process may take up to 8 years to be in full effect. This may be a determining factor for voters come August 21st, when they enter the voting booths.

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In relation to Jelly2003 - 19 hours ago

I use to work for one of the companies that does the call center work for Bigpond. Which is outsourced to a company that seriously underpays their staff compared to the rest of the call center market how about a nice pay packet of $32,000 Compared to if you can get the same position in Telstra itself being $40,000 or more.

In relation to Telstra being dodgy although i disagree with what i had to go through with. Furthermore have left the company and moved on to a completely different industry. I am still a Telstra customer mainly because the quality of product and service i receive is generally better.

In relation to the internet filters being scrapped i do not believe it will the government alreadly has a few companies running the filter on trial. I know that it is not with Telstra. and i know that Iinet have also pulled out of the deal. However i do not know what companies are still involved under the government contract to trial the filter.

For more information in relation to Iinet use and pulling the plug on the trial please read:

I am an IT nerdius maximus, obviously being on here proves that to some degree. I live in Far North Queensland, and all i can say is that this NBN is not necessary right now. This country is in so much debt from the last 3 years of super spending. Lets return to surplus and then maybe think of doing such a large change to our nation. Plus Labor wants to introduce a filter and the greens are with labor they signed a deal. So the greens will not stop the filter. These idiots are communists plain and simple. Why cant there be a moderate party in Australia. Im gonna have to go liberals this time round

Wow, seriously? You have to pay to access these fast speeds, just like you have to pay right now. What is most important is in increasing "data allowance". What good is fast internet with a low data allowance. Beside the point, it's a rip. Allow public interest open up and allow private companies to invest. Whatever this Labor Government has touched, it has become a disaster. $43 billion can be better spent elsewhere, in particular, providing better equipment to our Defense Force. Telling them to find find their own $7 million to fund their own body equipment and providing them with body armor from the 1960's is not what I call right. This Labor Government is filled with liars, spinners, ambitious twats, and idiots; basically, people incapable running a country, let alone their own cabinet. Get real Labor.

This is my opinion regarding the current Labor Govt and their proposed broadband expansion.

When the Labor party took office, Australia had a surplus of $22 billion as well as the health, education and infrastructure funds that had a combined value of $360 billion.
These funds were capital investments and generated income to be spent as needed.

So what did they do with this inherited wealth?

They spent the entire surplus and have sold off 75% of the capital funds and at 30th June, now have a deficit of $57 billion dollars.

What I find astonishing is nothing seems to have changed - hospitals are still crying out for funding, dental care is in a mess, where is all the new infrastructure that this money should have built - where did all the money go, and so fast ??????

To reach a surplus in three years' time Australians will have to pay $100 million per day in debt repayments.
And these fools now want to spend another $80 billion that we don't have on some internet connections in order to grab a few votes.

I wonder if any party has ever ever been able to screw Australia so badly and so fast.
I won't be voting Labor - EVER!

My vote is still going to Labor, internet filter or not, because I think the broadband network will be such a great thing for this country. Besides the obvious benefits of increasing network speed and greatly increasing data allowances, it has huge implications for people's way of life and access to some vital services.

There are a whole raft of benefits that we haven't even considered because they're either yet to be invented or because of our shoddy broadband we simply don't get access to them.

Of course the Liberals think it should be privately managed, because the NBN will have a monopoly, that in itself is against everything it means to be a Liberal.

Also, Making the company publicly owned will also ensure that the network and accessibility will be put before profits. Networks should be built with the future in mind and it will set a level playing field for all ISPs, and stop Telstra from holding us back with their unfair trade practices.

Telstra is a fine example of what happens when infrastructure is left in a private company's hands. It is true that back in the "Telecom" days when Telstra was government owned they used to charge excessive fees and have somewhat shoddy customer service (you could argue that the customer service is still shoddy). Then it was privatised and suddenly profit and shareholders were the number one driver. They sacked most of their engineers and outsources to some dodgy private operators (as well as some good ones). They block access by competing providers to infrustructure, and since privatisation basically everything is now done as cheaply as possible to cut costs where as before you'd pay more but they thought well ahead.

Regarding the internet filter, people need to stop flogging that tired old horse and give it a rest. We're not China, even with a net filter we'll still never be like China. In all honestly I think that the internet filter is never going to happen, there is too much opposition and I think delaying it for a year is the first step towards canning it.

Even Wayne Swan admitted yesterday when asked about the filter that they will probably "change direction".

Yes I will be voting Labor, we're not yet ready for Liberal, especially with Abbott in charge. I would probably consider Turnbull or Nelson, but as they say, Abbott is one of those "what you see is what you get" people, and so far I don't like what I see.

Jelly2003 said,
Also, Making the company publicly owned will also ensure that the network and accessibility will be put before profits.

Well, usually government owned companies are inefficient, employ more people than necessary, is used as a political instrument from the government (like providing keys position on government companies to other parties so they can pass legislation that otherwise would be rejected) and more prone to corruption (overpricing on purchases, in communications, releasing antennae placement positions, so someone can buy the land before and rent it to the company, in exchange of a part in the profits).

A better option would be to regulate communications and create standards that private companies must meet to do business in the country (like at least 90% an area a company has acquired rights through auction must be covered by a XX bandwith minimum).

Jelly2003 said,
My vote is still going to Labor, internet filter or not

Only a fool would willingly vote for censorship of the internet.

Ah well.. lucky im moving from Australia to Canada in 2 weeks to live haha

...You guys do have good internet right?

Cant say I have ever seen that logo before even though I live in Australia. Hopefully the libs win but if they dont either way nearly all of Australia will have a fibre network so who cares. About time they did something about our crappy broadband.

My vote will either go to liberal or the sex party, both are going to abolish the filter. Labor will not be getting my vote at all.

Anarkii said,
My vote will either go to liberal or the sex party, both are going to abolish the filter. Labor will not be getting my vote at all.

The Liberals haven't said either way, but I'm fairly sure they'll keep it. The Greens are the only ones who have said they'll get rid of it.

"One People - One Nation - One Vision"
tinges of Communist propaganda??
One Vision = Conroy mandatory internet filter implementation after the election !
One People = Aborigines included? or back to White Australia policy?

Nadja said,
One People = Aborigines included? or back to White Australia policy?

The White Australia policy was regarding immigration, nothing to do with the indigenous population

Nadja said,
"One People - One Nation - One Vision"
tinges of Communist propaganda??

That slogan is completely unrelated to the Australian NBN. "One People One Nation One Vision" is a slogan for a TV network in the Philippines called National Broadcasting Network.

On topic... I will not vote for Labour this time because I do not think the NBN and mandatory filtering proposals are good policies.