AutoPatcher August 2007

AutoPatcher is a comprehensive collection of patches, addons and registry tweaks that give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Windows system is up to date, even before you connect it to the Internet. It's designed to quickly patch a system with the most current updates and tweaks available, and requires no user interaction once you have selected what to install.

Two surprises this month:
1) Releases for Microsoft Office XP/2003/2007 are now complete and available.
2) AutoPatcher 5.6 now supports slipstreaming updates into installation media. The x86 releases have slipstream installation instructions added to most general windows patches.

Download: AutoPatcher August 2007
Link: Home page | AutoPatcher Forum

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Sometimes Windows Update (and Microsoft Update) just doesn't work, leaving you with a sub-process using 100% CPU tied into a svchost process that also controls about 15 other things so you can't kill it without needing a reboot (or use Process Explorer to kill the update sub-process). There have been numerous attempts by Microsoft to fix this annoying behaviour, but as it doesn't seem to be related to anything concrete it makes it difficult to diagnose (two identical machines, same hardware, software, patches: one works, the other doesn't. Go figure).

Autopatcher gets around this and also provides an organised list of non-imperative-but-are-useful patches some of which only appear in the Catalog. It also works as attested to the thousands of "Woot! Thanks!" style messages that flood the forums (and those are the people who made the effort; how many people don't write except to point out errors?). Therefore the problem is you, not Autopatcher.

Side note: why does the status say June 2007 is nearly ready?