AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.5.463a1000

AVG Free Edition is the well-known anti-virus protection tool. AVG Free is available free-of-charge to home users for the life of the product! Rapid virus database updates are available for the lifetime of the product, thereby providing the high-level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their computers. AVG Free is easy-to-use and will not slow your system down (low system resource requirements).

Highlights include:

* Automatic update functionality
* The AVG Resident Shield, which provides real-time protection as files are opened and programs are run
* The AVG E-mail Scanner, which protects your e-mail

* The AVG On-Demand Scanner, which allows the user to perform scheduled and manual tests
* Free Virus Database Updates for the lifetime of the product
* AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files

AVG 7.5.463 changelog:

- CHM help added for English.
- Add support for system restore points in installation.
- AVG Free is possible to install on 64-bit systems.

- Scanning of some large files is less demanding on time / CPU load.
- Resident shield doesn't show a warning if a password protected MS office
document is found.
- Improved polymorphic viruses detection.
- Better handling of double compressed files.
- Some improvements in setup process.

- Fixed display of Event History Log.
- Fixed moving messages with password protected archives to the Virus
vault folder.
- Test results are displayed correctly also if only one result is
- Left side menu items in Control Center are restored correctly to the
default state after all are removed in Program Settings – Customize tab.
- POP3 server port setting is refreshed correctly after change.
- Fixed a possible AVG Control Center crash.
- Fixed problem with Resident shield installation on systems without
minifilter (Windows XP SP1, Windows 2000 SP4 (without SRP) and lower).
- Fixed problem with automatic settings for EMS servers on Windows Vista.
- EMS log is displayed correctly after pressing the "Display log" button
in EMS properties dialog.
- Fixed a possible AVG crash when loading the AVI file.
- Small fixes in GUI.

Download: AVG Free Edition 7.5.463a1000
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: AVG Free Home Page

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Keeps getting better. Free software is the future. I love AVG free along with there free spyware scan. I also use Comodo free firewall.

rnvrajagopal said,
Thanks for 64 bit support for free....I am going do this in evening. (Uninstall Avast)

Ditto on the x64 support...I love AVG on my x86 systems, but *cannot* find a 64-bit anti-virus I like. AVG isn't constantly in your face, nor does it throw a fit if when it thinks it finds something that turns out to be harmless. Set it and forget it, and doesn't consume tons of resources. Just the way an AV ought to be.