Back from the brink? webOS now in LG's hands

The technical community at large will remember when HP bought Palm and decided that webOS was the way forward for their products, proclaiming that they’d use it to drive anything from phones to printers and possibly even desktop PCs one day. That ultimately never happened and HP changed its strategy with webOS, stating it would go open source in December 2011.

Well, it seems that there may be life in the old dog yet, with LG acquiring the OS with the intent to use it in, of all things, TVs. There had been rumours Amazon were in the running to take the OS off HP’s books, but ultimately it never happened.

While not impossible, it’s a surprise to read that LG aren’t planning to move deeper into the mobile space by developing the OS for their range of smartphones. We can only speculate, but it might have something to do with Android, the more recent Nexus 4 and not wanting to ruffle Google’s feathers. Look what happened with Acer!

With Android, iOS and Windows Phone dominating the mobile market, the recently introduced OS 10 from BlackBerry and OS’ from Mozilla and Ubuntu that look to be coming to mobile devices, the future is rosy for the manufacturers and the consumer.

But will it be too little, too late for webOS, or can it capture the imaginations of the consumer like it has the enthusiast community? Only time will tell.

Source: Engadget | Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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"With Android, iOS and Windows Phone dominating the mobile market"

lol @ including Windows Phone into that statement....

A) since when is 3% market share "dominating"?
B) Blackberry still has a significantly larger market share than Windows Phone, so it should be Blackberry included into that statement as the third platform.

As for WebOS, Woo Hoo! I really like that OS, I've used it extensively in the past and tought it was fantastic. Hopefully LG has the balls to bring it to their phones

Didn't I read LG was gonna be launching a Firefox OS phone yesterday? Today they're acquiring WebOS? A couple of days after reading about them not planning on making new Windows Phone devices. So how many platforms would that make in roughly a year's time? Android, Windows Phone and now WebOS and Firefox OS? Are they also planning on releasing a phone with Ubuntu's new OS too? Gotta make sure they try them all... Wow the hell if I'm ever purchasing anything from LG... Talk about a full blown ADHD in a company....

[quote=Obry said,]Didn't I read LG was gonna be launching a Firefox OS phone yesterday? [quote]

Actually the article mentions TV sets...

LG is the last company I would put in charge of advancing WebOS... I mean lets be honest, they make crap products (many of my LG devices have been faulty/poor build quality), they NEVER innovate or invent and they are the quickest to drop support for a platform and leave consumers out in the cold.

Wow, I'd somehow missed that whole Acer thing when it happened... Google gets more anticompetitive and 'evil' every day... I can't wait for their anticompetition ruling. It's coming...

As for this article, it really surprises me that LG of all people would pick up WebOS...

The Acer thing came about because they're part of the Open Handset Alliance ( Part of the terms of membership for the OHA are that the manufacturers must agree not to use incompatible versions of Android. Acer wanted to use Aliyun OS, which is an incompatible version of Android much like the OS used in the Kindle. If Acer wanted to use it, they'd have to leave the OHA, and thus lose the extended support that Google offers the partners.