Back from the dead: CompUSA assets snapped up by TigerDirect

CompUSA will live on, thanks to a deal with electronics marketer Systemax. Systemax, which owns popular computer parts reseller (and CompUSA competitor) TigerDirect, announced yesterday that it has entered into an agreement to purchase the CompUSA brand, trademarks, and e-commerce business. It also plans to acquire select assets and retail stores from the company, and says that it expects to close various parts of the deal throughout the first quarter of the year. "We believe the value of the CompUSA brand remains very high. The company has a long legacy of value pricing, service and customer loyalty among consumers nationwide," said Systemax CEO Richard Leeds in a statement. "We view this acquisition as a strong complementary business to our TigerDirect operation."

The announcement comes exactly a month after CompUSA announced that it had been sold to restructuring firm Gordon Brothers Group to close the remainder of its 103 stores. At the time, Gordon Brothers Group said that it planned to sell select stores in key markets in addition to and the company's tech service business, and it was widely rumored that TigerDirect would swoop in to buy those assets. Retail stores that weren't in the process of being sold were closed just after the holidays. TigerDirect has been a popular stop online for computer enthusiasts looking for a good deal for many years, but has been growing its brick-and-mortar presence as of late. TigerDirect already operates 11 retail stores in several states and one in Canada; Systemax says that it is currently looking at up to 16 CompUSA locations in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, which it says will be integrated into TigerDirect's existing retail environment., on the other hand, will continue to operate under its own name, but under Systemax's ownership once the agreement is closed.

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Woohoo for CompUSA and TigerDirect....I still going to do my shopping at Newegg. You don't need any other place to shop for computer parts.

I have to admit that I was a customer of CompUSA on a semi regular basis based solely on a "I need this part now" basis. That being said, it was nice to at least be able to walk into a computer store of their size and enjoy a walk, play with the toys, etc... Now with the stores being closed and TD taken over I can't imagine going into one of these new, potential stores. At least with CompUSA you knew the prices were padded but the customer service was at least ok (in that they simply replaced stuff and gave very little hassle) and I didn't have to worry about rebate junk..... I really can't see what TD would be thinking with this move (other than some sort of physical expansion) but that is the wonderful world of business.

I checked out a going out of business sale at a local compusa. The Antec P180b was marked down from 160 all the way to 120! :rolleyes:

However, I did get a Logitech USB mic headset (my front mic port doesnt work) for 30 bucks marked from 50. That one seemed alright.

Around twelve years ago, I made one of my very first online purchases from CompUSA because they had the lowest price on the item I wanted to buy (two sticks of memory). However, as soon a I clicked the Buy button, I discovered my mistake: that while CompUSA had the best item price, they had padded it with over $20.00 in shipping and handling fees.

I immediately called the phone number they gave for returns and cancellations, but (surprise! surprise!) they refused to answer. And when I called their sales line (which they answered on the first ring) I was told that I had to call the cancellation line.

Anyway, to make the long story short, I ended up refusing the shipment when it arrived, only to ultimately find out that CompUSA refunded the purchase price, but kept the shipping charges.

At that point I wondered how long it would take for them to go out of business. Much, MUCH longer than it should have is my guess.

Why does everyone hate CompUSA so much? I've bought stuff there before, and they didn't curse or spit on me as I checked out. Just wondering if there's a valid reason or if it's just everyone jumping on the bandwagon because other people said they sucked. You know, the old "it's cool to hate this company" thing that Microsoft and Sony have going.

Value pricing? Last I checked CompUSA has ALWAYS been overpriced... there are things in my local CompUSA store that are 30% off and still more expensive than the local Walmart

The title is misleading. CompUSA is dead. Really. Only the name lives on in the form of its website. Yes, I know they bought some stores too, but there is talk already that the CompUSA name will die completely in the brick-and-mortar world and that the 16 stores purchased will be rebranded as TigerDirect stores.

Never fear. CompUSA is dead.

Felosis said,
compusa just needs to die

They died years ago... TigerDirect bought basically their sign to hang in front of their stores in hopes of luring their customers.